Two days ago, European Union’s 28-member block decided to enlist Hizbullah’s armed wing as terrorist organization. The decision proved once again that EU is nothing but a political/financial arm of the US and Israel. The decision has become a butt of jokes on the social media sites, especially among the independent bloggers. Hizbullah members and the Resistance’s supporters found in it rich material for mockery.

Having failed to defeat Hizbullah fighters on ground, Israeli Mossad has been running false flag operations in Argentina, India, Turkey, Thailand, France, Bulgaria and several other countries, to demonize Hizbullah. Since Israel’s military humiliation in 34-day war in 2006, military leaders in Israel and United States have come to the conclusion that the Jewish army cannot defeat Hizbullah. Israeli Gen. Giora Eiland, who served national security adviser to Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert, admitted in December 2010 that Israel does not know how to beat Hizbullah.

In March 2012, Jeffrey Felton, Israel-Firster and former US assisstant secretary of state advised Israeli leaders to stay out of Lebanon because Jewish army cannot defeat Hizbullah alone.

While the Zionist-controlled media is giving great importance to EU’s decision – the fact is it doesn’t bother Hizbullah leadership as the organization had been on world’s sole power’s (United States) terrorist list even before it inflicted a horrible defeat on Israel in 2006.

Dr. Sami Ramadani, senior lecturer in sociology at London Metropolitan University says that Hizbullah is a product of Israeli occupation of Arab lands and will not go away until the Israeli occupation ends. “Hizbullah is not just a Shia resistance, but commands the support of major secular, Christian and Sunni leaders and groups. Today, Hizbullah is seen by most people in Lebanon not only the force that ended Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon but as the shield that defends Lebanon from future Israeli invasion and occupation,” UK’s daily Guardian, July 22, 2013).

According to an Israeli source, Israeli justice minister Tzipi Livni, during her meeting with Joh Kerry in Israel had demanded that Washington force EU to enlist Hizbullah as a terrorist organization, both as a political party and military resistance – and appoint Israeli-born Jewish Martin Indyk, as his chief negotiator at any Israel-Abbas peace negotiation. After EU’s decision, Livni took the credit as she praised EU and said: “Finally, after years of deliberations, it is clear to the entire world that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization“.

“The EU decision constitutes a mere political slap on the wrist. Hizbullah is not known to have substantial identifiable assets in EU countries, and it does not rely on donations from supporters there. The EU will maintain its contacts with Hizbullah on a variety of issues, including the activities of UNIFIL, the peacekeeping force on the border with Israel, and on joint projects between the EU and Lebanon,” says Franklin Lamb PhD, who lives in

Ibrahim al-Amin, editor-in-chief of Lebanese daily al-akhbar, in July 23 editorial said: “The danger Hizbullah poses above all resides in its demonstration beyond a doubt that the Arabs need bend to Israel’s will and that ridding the region of this colonial menace is possible.”

The European states are bothered by the resistance movement’s wide popular support and are hoping to find some way – aside from military means, which have failed – to bring Hezbollah to its knees.

They first resorted to a systematic media campaign to undermine the Resistance’s reputation, then turned to encouraging blatant sectarian incitement to demonize it and drown it in blood, only to end up criminalizing the party in the name of “international law.”

The European “democracies” have been loyal supporters of Israeli occupation and apartheid since the racist nation’s birth from the womb of Britain’s Balfour Declaration. Their blind support for Zionism is firmly rooted in their guilt over the barbaric way they treated Jews during World War II.

Through its actions, the Resistance exposed the cowardice and corruption of the system of Arab regimes who built their armies only to defend their thrones.

Hezbollah is a nationalist and Islamic resistance movement which fought the Zionist monster with faith and courage, while Israel is a Spartan society founded by way of terror and blood, and it knows no language other than warfare.

All efforts to domesticate Hezbollah have resulted in failure. The EU blacklisting has nothing to do with international law or justice, it is little more than an attempt to protect the oppressor from the wrath of the oppressed.

Hizbullah to stay the most powerful Resistance | Rehmat's World