The waves of assassinations on Friday in Benghazi and the attacks on some landmark buildings show that the Western installed government of prime minister Ali Zidan has failed to establish security for Libyan which they enjoyed under Qaddafi for over three decades.

Two members of the humpty-dumpty National Congress, Amina Maghairbi from Benghazi and Mohammed Arish from Sebha resigned on Friday, accusing the government of corruption, fuelling the calls for dissolving the parliament all together and setting up a date for elections for a new Congress.

On August 1, a kangroo court in Misrata, sentenced Qaddafi-era education minister Ahmad Ibrahim to death for calling Libyan to rise against the anti-Qaddafi rebels funded by the US, France and Britain. The same court sentenced earlier one of Qaddafi’s security chief Masnour Al-Daw Gaddafi (not related to Libyan leader Maummar Qaddafi) to death for fighting against the rebels.

The US puppet regime in Tripoli has failed in negotiations with the Berber rebels holding Qaddafi’s surviving son, Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, somewhere in the Zintan dessert. He was captured by those rebels two years ago. Earlier, the rebels had butchered his father to death to the pleasure of then US secretary of state Hillary Clinton. The rebels, Tripoli and the International Criminal Court (ICC) – each wants to convict Saif. He has become a sort of trophy for all of them.

On September 3, 2012, British Daily Mail reported that Saif al-Islam, 41, had an Israel’s top model and TV actress, Orly Weinerman, 42, as girlfriend for six years. She called former British prime minister Tony Blair to save his old friend’s life. Weinerman, met Saif in London in April 2005. She claims Saif worked closely with Tony Blair before he was captured.

“Mr. Blair is a man of God (?) - as a Christian he has the moral duty to help a friend in need,” she said. She also claimed that her parents were against her converting to Islam – and that Israeli press ran a smearing campaign against her having relation with a Muslim.

Tony Blair helped Saif al-Islam to get release of Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, a victim of Mossad’s Lockerbie false flag operation after paying $2.7 billion to the victims’ greedy families.

Last year, former Archbishop of South Africa, Desmond Tutu called for George Bush and Tony Blair to be hauled before the ICC.

In December, 2011, the International War Tribunal in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) found both Bush and Blair “war criminals” for murdering 1.3 million Iraqi civilians, mostly women and children during West’s undeclared war on Iraq in 2003.

On August 3, 2013, British journalist and author, Felicity Arbuthnot, posted an article, entitled, ‘Tony Blair: Libya, Lockerbie, Arms and Betrayal’.

“Ironically, it was Blair who credited himself with persuading Colonel Gaddafi to abandon and destroy his weapons programmes after his visit to the country in March 2004 (placing that Judas kiss on the Colonel’s cheek) as a step to Libya returning to the fold of the duplicitous “international community.” With friends like Blair, enemies are a redundancy,” wrote Arbuthnot. Read rest of her post here.

Arbuthnot was also involved in John Pilger’s documentary, ‘Paying the price: Killing the children of Iraq‘. Watch the documentary below.

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