All four candidates running for the November 4, 2014 Massachusetts governor election are Zionist Jews. And interestingly, they all invoking their so-called “Jewish morals” in the campaign.

Steve Grossman, a Democrat, is state Treasurer and formar chairman of Israel Lobby (AIPAC), a millionaire himself, says: “I received my Jewish heritage, my background, in being that person who can be a repairer of the breach between those who are well-to-do and those who lack the things people aspire to.”

State Senator Dan Wolf, a Democrat, who is defying the state Ethic Commission, saying he will stay in the gubernatorial race and keep his Senate seat despite a finding that his 20% stake in Cape Air – and its deals with Massport – present a conflict of interest.

Evan Falchuk, the third party candiate, is an Attorney and health care executive (Best Care Inc.). He is running for United Independent Party, which he founded himself.

“There’s so much to me about that story which is very common to Jews in America,” Falchuk said, describing his grandfather’s journey from Russia to Venezuela and his father’s from Venezuela to the United States. “What is common is this notion of a stubborn insistence to make the world a better place.”

Joe Avellone MD, 64, a Democrat, is Senior Vice President, Clinical Research Services.

The Jewish population of Massachusetts, according to American Jewish Year Book, is 277,000 or 4%.

The first Jewish state was established by Josep Stalin on May 7, 1934 in Russian region of Birobidjan.

The second Jewish state was established by Japanese occupation forces in Harbin (Manchuria) in 1934 which existed until 1945. The Japanese hoped the colonies would gain the approval of international Jewish financiers such as the Rothschild’s, who would pump money into their empire. However, the Japanese were also apprehensive about cooperating with Jews. They were well versed in the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and were convinced of their authenticity. They viewed Jews as a subversive race which uses their financial and mercantile genius to conquer nations by stealth.

Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert’s parents lived in Harbin before slipping into British occupied Palestine .

The third Jewish state was established by the western nations in Palestine in 1948 based on several myths.

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