An anti-Muslim immigration conference conceived by Australia’s Israel-Firster prime minister Kevin Rudd, ended in Jakarta the other day without any concrete results.

The conference was hosted by Indonesian president Gen. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and attended by cabinet ministers and government officials from Australia, Afghanistan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Pakistan. Tehran refused to attend the conference due to Kevin Rudd’s anti-Muslim and anti-Iran policies.

Australia was represented by the foreign minister Bob Carr and immigration minister Tony Burke – both UK-Israel poodles. Bob Carr played ‘midwife’ for Australian sanctions against Tehran. Last year, after meeting with Zionist foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, Bob Carr instructed Australia’s ambassador in Tehran to walk out of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) conference in Tehran if the NAM leaders start criticizing Israel.

Burke claimed Tehran’s boycott didn’t hamper the work of other attendees. He claimed the commitments by countries in the conference communique – the Jakarta Declaration – to view their visa arrangements more difficult for asylum seekers to enter. He said that Indonesia’s commitment to bar Iranian seeking refugee status, was a “down payment” on that.

Like former prime minister Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, recently told Australian Muslim community to leave the country if they prefer to live under Islamic Shar’iah law. Last week, Rudd changed country’s parliament elections scheduled for September 14, 2013, to September 7, because September 14 happens to be Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. It’s this holiday when the Zionist entity attacked Egypt and Syria on October 6, 1973.

The former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard had set September 14 for the new election. Though praised by the Australian/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) president Dr. Colin Rubenstein, for her “unwavering support for Israel and Jewish community”, Gillard’s government was brought down by the UK-Israel interested groups for her criticism of murder of an Australian Jewish whistleblower, Ben Zygier, former Mossad agent, in an Israeli secret jail. Kevin Rudd was re-elected prime minister of the country on June 26, 2013.

On August 6, 2013, Kevin Rudd, in an interview, ahead of the federal election campaign, admitted that media mughal, Rupert Murdoch (Jewish from his mother side), owns 70% of country’s printed and TV media.

On August 6, 2013, Tim Fischer, Australia’s ambassador at the Vatican and former deputy prime minister, blasted American Jewish Lobby for demeaning late Pope Pius XII. “The New York Jewish lobby has unfairly blackened the name of WW II Pope Pius XII in the interests of a modern political agenda and needs to be challenged,” he said.

Abbe Foxman, the head-honcho of Anti-Defamation League blames Pius XII for not doing enough to save Jews under Nazi rule. Late Chief Rabbi of Toronto, Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut had claimed that Frankist Jews committed the holocaust.

The current Jewish population in Australia is around 100,000 (0.3% of country’s total population). Jewish community in Australia began with the arrival of 14+Jewish convicts at the Botany Bay. On January 20, 1804, Hobart inaugurated as a penal colony with 8 Jewish convicts at establishment. Lt. Col. Johnson of the First Fleet, who carried a military coup against Governor Bligh, had Jewish Esther Abrahams as his ‘common-law wife. Both Australia and New Zealand played a significant role in the establisment of the Zionist entity in Palestine. Read more about Australian Jewish history here.

The Muslim population in Australia is nearly 340,000 (1.7% of country’s total population).

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