Last month, the Zionist occupied European Union (EU) tried to show its ‘independence’ by suggesting that it would no longer fund any Israeli entity based in or connected to the West Bank, East Jerusalem or the Golan Height. This mild warning brought furious reaction from Israeli government officials, Jewish academic and Jewish lobby groups around the world. Zionist economy minsiter Naftali Bennett urged Netanyahu government to end all cooperation with EU.

Netanyahu called an emergency cabinet meeting and issued a strong condemnation of EU, in which he pointed out that execution of the guildelines will “make it more difficult to bring the Palestinians back to the negotiating table, because they would ask why negotiate when the Europeans were giving them what they want“.

Israel’s deputy foreign minister, Ze’ev Elkin, told the Jerusalem Post: “This is an over-eager bureaucratic process that can have far-reaching ramifications that Israel cannot agree to and which are liable to significantly hurt Israeli-EU cooperation in Research and Development, education, culture and scientific exchanges… it badly hurts the diplomatic process and Kerry’s efforts.”

Professor Eli Pollak (Weizmann Institute of Science) has called on fellow Jewish scientific community to boycott EU, claiming that taking part in European scientific programs and exchanges is to “lend a hand to Christian Europe” as it discriminates against Jews in the occupied territories and violates “the fundamental principle of equality between its (Native and alien Jewish) citizens”. Pollak’s call could deprive Israeli scientific community $106 million aid which it received from EU last year.

Such rants coming out of European-Israeli Jews remind me of former Jewish professor Marc H. Ellis (Baylor University), who defined the relationship between the Jews and the European Christians with no apologies. Ellis was dismissed for exposing ‘Jewish identity’ and supporting Palestinian resistance against the Jewish occupation of Palestine.

“You will apologize for Jewish suffering again and again and again. And when you have done apologizing, then you will apologize some more. When you have apologized sufficiently, we will forgive you – provided that you will let us do what we want in Palestine“.

These are the same shameless Zionazis who later applauded European Union for blacklisting Lebanese resistance and political party, Hizbullah, the only Arab armed resistance which has defeated the Jewish army twice, in 2000 and 2006.

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