Finally the African cat is out of Israeli litter. The ‘gag order’ has been lifted. The Israeli press has reported that Uganda has agreed to accept tens of thousands of Israel’s unwanted African asylum seekers – in return for Israeli arms and military training. Watch out Sudan!

“A secret agreement between the government of Israel and Uganda over the deportation of Afghan migrants to Uganda is not surprising considering the warm relations between the two countries since 1970s,” reported Israeli daily Ha’aretz on August 29, 2013.

The main characters in the deal are; Uganda’s pro-Israel dictator, president Museveni and former Mossad head, Gen. Rafi Eitan, the handler of America’s Jewish traitor, Jonathan Pollard, who is serving life imprisonment in the United States for stealing nearly one million classified secrets for the Zionist entity.

During the last eight years, nearly 60,000 African workers and asylum seekers, mostly from Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritria, entered Israel. Most of them were duped by Israeli PR, portraying Jewish occupation as heaven for the persecuted people.

Rising anti-African sentiments exploded into violence last year when a Tel Aviv protest turned ugly. Jewish rioters smashed African-run shops and property, and many Blacks were beaten and spit-on.

Israeli government offered African cash to leave Israel voluntarily.

In June this year, Netanyahu government decided to send thousands of African migrants to an undisclosed African country in an attempt to solve Israel’s ‘African Problem’. That country now happens to be Uganda.

In February 2011, Uganda’s only Black rabbi, Gershom Sizomu, contested country’s parliamentarian election but lost even after receiving support from Israeli and American Jewish media. Like a typical Zionist Jew, he claimed the victory of his Muslim opponent Yahya Gudoi “not kosher”.

Since Uganda shed its colonial status in 1962, the country has been an Israeli client. It supplied cheap African labour and soldiers for Israel and its western patrons. Dada Idi Amin, a friend of Gen. Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir was brought into power by Israel via a military coup on January 25, 1971. In 2009, nearly 10,000 soldiers fought under US command in Iraq for which Pentagon paid $70 million to Ugandan government per year.

On June 6, 2007, a document released by British National Archives - confirmed that the 1976 hijacking of an Air France plane in Athens and flown to Entebbe (Uganda), where its 98 pessengers, mostly Israeli Jews, were kept – was carried out by Shin Bet, with help its moles in Palestinian resistance group PFLP. The document written on June 30, 1976 by DH. Colvin of Paris embassy, said: “The operation was designed to torpedo the PLO’s standing in France and to prevent what they (Israeli) see as growing rapprochement between the PLO and the United States.” While Idi Amin offered to negotiate with the hijackers, the Israeli Air Force stormed Entebbe airport and destroyed some of Uganda’s old-fashioned Air Force planes; rescued the so-called “hostages” after killing all Israeli moles including sacrifying three Israeli Jews and one Israeli commander, Yonaton Netanyahu, brother of current Israeli prime minister, Bibi Netanyahu.

The Femina Invicta, a Jewish-controlled Feminist group, in ‘a primer on African refugees in Israel’, said on February 13, 2012.

Ever since the “refugee problem” began growing to more than sample proportions, Israel has been doing everything in her power to prevent additional refugees from crossing the border. The criminalization of refugees has been a de facto development, and now is becoming a de jure status as well:

Israel recently passed the “Infiltrator Law”, that provides that anyone crossing the border uninvited can be placed in detention — without any administrative hearing or trial — for up to three years. There is no age limit on this detention — it is being planned for adults and children alike. And no appeals system, or evidence required, because the law doesn’t care if the people detained are actually asylum seekers or work immigrants. The law also criminalizes anyone who provides assistance to refugees, providing for prison sentences for transgressors. Read the Primer in full, here.

Israel to ship African refugees to Uganda | Rehmat's World