“Today Israel is the biggest threat to world in peace and Zionism is an idealogy whose main task is to justify USrael’s colonial wars while referring to the Holocaust and antisemitism, as well as to homemade terrorism in the form of false flag operations. The heroic victory of Hisbullah over the Israeli army in Lebanon in 2006, is an example for all people. Together with Hamas they show the way toward the liberation of Palestine,” says Lasse Wilhelmson, a Swedish writer and author. He believes in the “One State” solution to Jewish-Palestinian conflict. Read more here.

The first Muslim Congressman, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MD), in an interview with Israeli +972 Magazine said that in case of resolving the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the United States is not an honest broker. Naturally, Keith was affraid to mention the AIPAC which controls US foreign policy in the Middle East and the rest of the Muslim world.

“It has occurred to me that maybe the U.S. is not capable of mediating this dispute. I don’t believe that America is a neutral broker, but I think it’s the best we’ve got. This conflict has a lot of American interest, because there are many Israelis with family roots in America,” said Ellison.

When asked about the fact that even during peace talks Israel continues to build in the West Bank, Ellison maintains that even though America disagrees with this policy, there is nothing it can do about it. “Do we have the power to stop it? I don’t believe that we do. Israel is a sovereign country that does what it wants. I don’t believe that Israel is a client state of the United States. Israel does as it pleases even when America disapproves. Look at the annexation of East Jerusalem. We still don’t put our embassy there because we don’t agree with that. We don’t recognize East Jerusalem as Israel. But I do believe that these settlements are ruining any chance for two states,” says Ellison.

“There are a number of differences of opinion,” he adds. “For example, Israel wants us to hit Iran, but we were just not going to do that, because that would be a real problem.”

On September 8, 2013, the +972 Magazine published an interview with Dan Rather (a Zionist Jew), former CBS news anchorman for over four decades, during which Dan, though reluctantly, admitted that the American media has always been biased toward Palestinians and Arabs.

“The average US newspaper, the number of stories that have an Israeli dateline will outnumber the number of stories from any other place in the region, except where there is combat. For example, during the Iraq war or now with Syria. So, in that sense, it’s Israel-centric,” said Dan, who was called fellow Jewish author Normon Solomon, “a warmonger and the White House propagandist” in a 2006 article, entitled “This Is Your Life, Dan Rather“.

Keith Ellison, a Christian convert to Islam, is no friend of the Muslim world. He has supported Washington in every recent wars against Muslim countries, Somalia, Libya, and now he is supporting Obama’s war on Syria. Last week, in a radio interview he said that he supports Barack Obama’s plan to bring a regime change in Syria – even if it needed a military force.

After his election in November 2006, Keith announced that he plans to take oath of office on a copy of Holy Qur’an . His decision raised quite a storm in the pro-Israel MSM. On November 28, 2006, Jewish talk show host and author, Dennis Prager, in an editorial at the Town Hall, wrote: “Ellison should not be allowed to take oath on the Bible of Islam – Koran” and that “if you’re incapable of taking an oath on (Judeo-Christian Bible), don’t serve in the Congress“. Eventually, Keith took oath not on his personal copy of Holy Qur’an – but the copy of Holy Qur’an once owned by Thomas Jefferson, the third president (1801-09) of the United States.

Keith Ellison: ?US is not a neutral broker? | Rehmat's World