The Jewish communities around the world celebrated their holiest day of Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) on Saturday. It’s customary to recite the Kol Nidrei prayer seeking forgiveness for all the crimes committed in the previous year and making commitment with G-d not to repeat them.

Having explained that, the reason I’m posting on this subject, is, the story in Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post. According to JP, Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid apologized to G-d on his Facebook page for his last year’s actions against G-d’s commandments, while promising all those thing which every Israeli prime minister had promised in the past – but never implemented; from building the third Jewish Temple over the fake Wailing Wall to looking after the so-called “Holocaust survivors”, whose numbers keep increasing each year.

I don’t know if the G-d of Bible really believed in Yair Lapid, but according to the Jerusalem Post, he did receive a slap on his face from Rabbi Ya’acov Asher of the Ashkenazi haredi United Torah Judaism for spreading hatred among the Jewish communities on the holiest day. Earlier, another leader of the same party, Rabbi Meir Porush. had warned US ambassador in Israel, Dan Shapiro, that if Netanyahu government tried to force religious students to join military, it would result in religious war in Israel.

Israeli leaders have record of cheating on American presidents. Read professor Morgan Strong’s timeline here.

Dr. Michael Hoffman, who is considered to be a Christian authority on Judaism – in a post on September 12, 2013, it’s not just Yair Lapid who lied on Yom Kippur and Kol Nidrei, the prayer is meant to lie to all non-Jewish people.

On Yom Kippur the infamous Kol Nidrei takes place, almost always explained away to the public as a blessed ceremony of begging God for forgiveness for oaths that were violated, contracts that were broken and promises that were not kept in the past year. The trouble is, that pious picture is a phony.

In truth, Kol Nidrei is a ceremony whereby:

1. all the perjury you will commit in the coming year and

2. all contracts you will sign and violate in the coming year, and

3. all the promises you will break in the coming year,

are absolved, with no heavenly punishment accruing as a result.

That’s the reality of Yom Kippur’s Kol Nidrei rite, and it’s one reason why Yom Kippur is the best-attended of all of Judaism’s synagogue ceremonies. Talmudists like to have an edge and during Yom Kippur that entails making God a senior partner in the sting.

The truth about the Kol Nidrei liturgy is usually dismissed by the rabbis and their mouthpiece media as a “loathsome antisemitic canard.” They hurl this mendacious accusation in the expectation that the public will be so intimidated by fear of being labeled “antisemitic” that they will not consult the documentation, and will instead accept at face value the word of the noble rabbis and the always truthful media,” says Dr. Hoffman. Read the entire article here.

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