Iran’s “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani, is not losing any time in showing the world America’s double standards. Last week, he gave an interview to NBC’s ann Curry. In the interview he offered friendly gestures toward the United States and its anti-Iran allies while pledging that his administration’s committment to a non-nuclear Middle East.

On Friday ‘Washington Jew Post’ published Rouhani’s Op-Ed, in which Rouhani says Tehran is ready for dialog with the West if Tehran’s rights including nuclear enrichment are recognized. He also stressed that interests of both sides should be considered in the course of such negotiations and noted that the West needs to respect “all the rights of the Iranian people, including nuclear rights and right to enrichment inside the country within the framework of the international law“

Touching upon Syrian crisis and threats against that country, Rouhani said, “We call on all the war mongers not to seek a new war in the region, because its consequences will bring them regret“. Rouhani re-affirmed Tehran’s support for the demands of the Syrian people and called for an all-out effort to stop the violence in Syria, prevent escalation of terrorism in the region and facilitate dialog between Assad government and the genuine opposition groups (not the foreign-funded rebels).

Rouhani’s offensive “soft diplomacy” over Iran’s nuclear program and his offer to help America in resolving Syrian stand-off has put Barack Obama in a corner against the Zionist regime. Both Netanyahu and the American Jewish Lobby are mad hell fearing an approchement between Washington and Tehran in the near future.

According to the White House “insiders”, Obama administration is bending backward to assure the Zionist regime that there will be no easing of sanctions on Tehran unless it agrees to stop its enrichment program.

“We’re going to make judgments based on the actions of the Iranian government, not simply their words,” White House Jewish deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters on Friday.

On September 21, Reuters reported that the White House has left open a possible meeting between Obama and Rouhani on the UN sidelines next week. A US official has privately acknowledged the administration’s desire to engineer a handshake between the two leaders, which would be the highest-level US-Iranian contact since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

If that meeting materializes, I worry Rabbi Andrew B. Alder’s threat that Israeli Mossad should assassinate Barack Obama if he refuses to attack Iran, may come true.

Every Iranian president including Israel’s most hated one, Dr. Ahmadinejad, had made a similar committment. More than 145 UN member states believe in Tehran’s committment not to pursue a nuclear bomb – but the Zionist-controlled western regimes have been using Iran’s peaceful nuclear program to re-establish a western-controlled regime in Tehran.

On September 21, US-Canadian war reporter and author, Eric Margolis, posted on his blog.

Ever since a popular revolution ousted the US-installed regime of Shah Pahlavi in 1979, Washington has sought to overthrow Iran’s Islamic republic.

The US challenge to Iran is always depicted for public consumption as an effort to stop Tehran getting nuclear weapons. Iran is routinely accused of supporting “terrorism” and subversion.

Control of the Mideast is one of the pillars of US world power. The US has dominated the Mideast since 1945. Islamic Iran emerged after 1979 as the most potent challenge to US regional domination and control of its energy.

Washington and Israel have used the nuclear arms issue to isolate Iran and make it an outcast state, much as was done with Cuba in the 20th Century.

It’s easy to forget that nearly all of Iran’s nuclear energy industry is under very tight UN supervision, not to mention incessant monitoring by western intelligence agencies and Israel. By contrast, Israel refuses UN inspection and maintains a sizeable nuclear and chemical arsenal.

Israel has made it clear it wants the US to attack Iran and crush its nuclear and non-nuclear military capabilities. Equally important, says Israel, is the need to liquidate Iran’s scientific nuclear cadre of scientists.

If Washington really wants stability rather than just obedience, then it should welcome Iran’s overtures.

As for the near-war state between Iran and Israel, the crux of this confrontation is the lack of a Palestinian state. If Israel ever agrees to such a viable state, hostility with Tehran will sharply lessen.

Israel has been using the alleged nuclear threat from Iran to derail progress towards a Palestinian state. PM Rouhani has a golden opportunity to pry open the doors of Mideast peace.

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