The Zionist Mafia including Barack Obama and David Cameron have blamed Somalian Muslim resistance group Al-Shabaab for the seige of Israeli-owned and run Nairobi Shopping Mall, which began on Saturday. Many stores in the mall are run by Israeli companies and individuals. The mall is one of the lagest ‘hang-out’ for the Israeli tourists.

Irish daily Independent,ie has claimed on September 23, 2013 that members of Israeli Sayeret (army’s terrorist commando group) are fighting the terrorists who are still holding unknown numbers of hostages. The paper also claimed that leader of the terrorists could be the so-called “White Widow”, Irish Samantha Lewthwaite (29).

According to the paper, British intelligence services are now investigating whether she is behind the Nairobi attack.

According to Israeli daily Jerusalem Post, nearly 68 people have been executed by the hostage takers while some of Israeli citizens have been rescued.

Most probably, the hotage taking and killing is meant to demonize country’s president Uhuru Kenyatta, who defeated Raila Odinga, a supporter of Israel in March 2013 election.

It’s not the first time Israelis have attacked their own interests in Kenya, Argentina, Thailand, India, Turkey, etc. to demonize Muslims fighting the Zionist World Order.

On November 22, 2002, Hotel Paradise Mombassa, an Israeli hotel in Kenya, was attacked by a group of “terrorists”. The mythical Islamic Al-Qaeda was blamed for the attack. However, Israel’s Hebrew daily Maariv, reported that the hotel was bombed after being exposed as African brothel for the Israeli Jewish tourists.

Muslim majority African Somalia has been a target of American terrorism for decades. In 2011, US imperialism killed nearly 260,000 Somalian men, women and children.

The western powers have labeled Al-Shabaab as a terrorist organization linked to the fictious al-Qaeda. Al-Shabaab controls most of southern Somalia – opposes any form of foreign intervention. Al-Shabaab is former youth wing of Islamic Courts Union (ICU), which was removed from power by the US and its anti-Muslim African proxy regimes.

Both US and Israel have been drone-attacking Somalia since July 2011 – killing hundreds of civilians. US backed Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi and AU troops while the Zionist entity backed Kenya. The CIA, Mossad, MI6 are all operating within Somalia.

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