Recently, I found two good books on the Judeo-Christian political agenda behind the vicious anti-Islam, anti-Muslim (Islamophobia) propaganda. Both books are written by non-Muslims. One is ‘The Islamophobia Industry, authored by Nathan Lean - and the other ‘Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire’ authored by Deepa Kumar Ph.D (Assistant Professor at Rutgers University).

The Islamophobia Industry reflects the rising tide of anti-Muslim feeling sweeping through the United States and Europe. Lean takes readers inside the minds of the manufacturers of Islamophobia – a highly-organized enterprise of pro-Israel bloggers, right-wing talk show hosts, evangelical religious leaders, and politicians, united in their quest to exhume the ghosts of 9/11, an Israeli false flag operation, and convince their compatriots that Islam is the enemy. Lean uncovers their scare tactics, reveals their motives, and exposes the ideologies that drive their propaganda machine.

Indian-born Deepa Kumar has long been debunking western lies about Islam, Muslims and Arabs, through books, articles and lectures, which has earned her the wrath of the Zionist mafia. Her February 2006 criticism of Danish cartoons brought out Zionist dogs from many corners defending Flemmimg Rose, the Zionist Jew cultural editor of Jyllands-Posten.

On September 11, 2013, Abbe Martin interviewed Dr. Deepa Kumar at RT over “irrationality of Islamophobia”.

Earlier, Deepa Kumar, delevered a lecture, entitled, ‘Constructing the Muslim Enemy from the Crusade to 9/11′ in Vancouver (Canada). The event was sponsored by Vancouver’s Seriously Free Speech Committee (SFSC).

Dr. Kumar said that fear of Islam (Islamophobia) was constructed by the Church and European rulers in the late 11th century as they feared the new religion as a challenge to their morally corrupt political power over the people during the Dark Age. The Church didn’t like the new religion giving woman the right to divorce, remarry, inheritance and education. The ruling elites hated Islamic commands against usury, taxation (on the ordinary citizens only) and religious tolerance (either convert to Islam or pay a small tax, less than 2%).

After 9/11, the western Islamophobia was hijacked by the Zionist Jews and Christians for the benefit of the Zionist entity. Dr. Kumar, highlighted two Jewish academics, Bernard Lewis and Daniel Pipes – and Christian Zionist Samuel Hutington, who used the pharase ‘Clash of Civilizations’ during his 1992 lecture at the American Enterprise Institute, an Israeli Jewish advocacy group. Liten to Dr. Kumar’s brilliant speech below.

American journalist and author, Rose Wilder Lane (The Discovery of Freedom: Man’s Struggle Against Authority) and former Nun, Dr. Karen Armstrong have claimed that the West learned political freedom, equality in human rights, religious freedom, scientific knowledge and medicare from Muslims in Spain, Sicily and Istanbul.

Deepa Kumar: Islamophobia for Dummies | Rehmat's World