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Thread: Is it getting HOT here or am I some kind of conspiracy nut?

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    Re: Is it getting HOT here or am I some kind of conspiracy nut?

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post

    So with Lady of Lights permission....I hope that she doesn't mind some looking for her lifeboat. We really need it right now.
    Of course! By all means! Use this site for what you need, when you need to, Linda and company.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: Is it getting HOT here or am I some kind of conspiracy nut?

    THANKYOU so much, Lady of Light. We promise to be respectful and positive guests here because I know that you expect nothing less.

    For those from the Cosmic Token... remember that we were following up on the Hutchison claims... stated on their website here.... this is a double of the message I also left at the Linda BRown thread.....

    Thank you all for expressing your concerns and I will forward your condolences to Tom. ( To others who have not known... Tom Beale is my cousin and the admin of the Cosmic-Token... he is suffering the loss of his adult son Jeff..... who died yesterday.

    So we are on our own for a bit until his life settles. I told him to put our concerns at the very bottom of his list. Rumas has told me that it should be a simple fix. So everybody just understand that it is going to take the time that Tom needs to be able to turn his attention to us.
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++=+

    Until then...I want to continue here with the basic thing that we were working on before all of this happened. Basically our response to what the Hutchisons have stated here on their non-profit site Life-Ray
    here is the link to what has been stated below


    ELIMINATING HARMFUL RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINATION. Life Ray uses proven technology that converts radioactive materials into inert elements.

    The theory underlying the technology is that all matter is energy that pulsates. Radioactive elements vibrate at a distorted frequency as they are trying to stabilize. Cutting edge technology supplies the pulsations that radioactive materials need to stabilize. The technology uses audio and radio frequencies to transmutate radioactive elements into inert elements, which are harmless. The process is much simpler and faster and uses much less energy than current processes for rendering radioactive materials inert.

    This technology was developed by John Hutchison.

    Our point at the Cosmic-Token was that we dispute (as many have) the statement in red. One of our members has taken on the chore of developing an independent examination of that " technology" following Nancy Hutchisons "protocols" (but being unattached to her group he would be able to offer a much needed view of whether this technology is PROVEN or not.)

    And the entire process of getting the instruments needed and following through on that process was exactly where we were when this glitch happened.

    I think that some of you here may be interested in what John and Nancy Hutchison are doing here and probably might be as interested as we are about the test results....After all... if
    Life-Ray is actually able to do what they have claimed above it will help the entire world in an age of extreme danger. If they can not follow through.... then that needs to be known too so that investigations can continue in other directions. We all agree that time is of the essence.

    Thank you for the ability Lady of Light to continue the conversation here. I hope that this will not cause disruption for the conversations that are going on here but I think that the topic fits and I certainly invite your members to join this search for the truth.

    Blessed Be. Linda

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    Re: Is it getting HOT here or am I some kind of conspiracy nut?

    Wags and Einstein! Thank you for finding us! Well folks.... the guys who understand numbers are here!
    Fruitbat Lady of Light has welcomed us here so please know that we are going to try to back your project up the very best way that we can.... You had written a very insightful post about your role in all of this... and of course it was on the Cosmic Token Forum... which I can't reach right now but if I can find it would it be alright with you if I repost it here. I was very pleased with your statements and would like to share them so that the folks here know what role you are filling in all of this.

    Repeatedly it is to be stressed that Fruitbats experiments are separate from the activities of Life-Ray other than following the protocols that they have set up for their experiments so that we can duplicate them.... and come to an independent conclusion.

    Let me know somehow and I will be looking for that message from you. I may have been impressed with it enough to enter it in my journal... if so.... Like being the point between the " chalk and the eraser"... that information still stands.... along with much more. Linda

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    Re: Is it getting HOT here or am I some kind of conspiracy nut?

    Hello everyone, thanks Linda, is Nancy actually here as well, or is this a holiday / vacation from that.

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    Re: Is it getting HOT here or am I some kind of conspiracy nut?

    As far as I am concerned this entire situation has earned us a well deserved break and when we re-establish the Cosmic Token things will not go back to the way they were at all. No more diversions.

    I believe that all of us have learned the devious and devisive nature of those forces who have set up against us. As Hobbit has said... You can see the steam in the air easily enough. I ask all of you not to get drawn in that direction. And I am the primary target, I know.

    I don't know if Nancy is here but Mikado has shown up almost instantly... Disregard the hot steam.... my advice to all of you. Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; January 14th, 2014 at 10:41 AM.

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    Re: Is it getting HOT here or am I some kind of conspiracy nut?

    Oh, crap!

    I just spent the last hour or so writing a very extensive reply to all the posts prior to this one and then when I hit "post quick reply" I was informed I'd been logged off.

    Thanks for the welcoming posts, one and all. Linda I offer my condolences for your loss and 2Loserel3 you seem like a devoted friend.

    Jimmy Rocket is a carryover from R3Owners.Com, a motorcyclist's forum for owners of the Triumph Rocket III I joined in 2006.

    I'm interested in discovering the truth behind current developments as well as personal spiritual development and actually prefer the latter category.

    RE: Fukushima and radiation remediation, I'd like to refer y'all to the following Project Camelot video interview of Iranian physicist MT Keshe from January 7. Please don't be overwhelmed by background noise, which is eventually dealt with, or Keshe's accent, which is not. He has some very interesting things to say about the Fukushima radiation disaster. However, since I'm on probation I can't insert videos or links into this post so you'll have to just to go Youtube and enter the following into the Youtube browser and maybe someone else will insert the video or link into a response so everyone else can just click on it:
    Last edited by Jimmy Rocket; January 14th, 2014 at 01:49 PM.

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    Re: Is it getting HOT here or am I some kind of conspiracy nut?

    Doncha just love when you time yourself out. Try writing it in a notebook on your computer... then just copy it quick and hit the little button to send the darned thing. That works well for me. Either that or type fast and hope that everyone forgives you for your typos. Now everyone knows why I make so many!


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    Re: Is it getting HOT here or am I some kind of conspiracy nut?

    Thank you My friend has helped me a lot in the past, (which is why she's like a mom to me) so in return she has won my loyalty.

    P.s.. that's happened to me before with e-mail or whatever, found out I wasn't logged in. It sure is annoying.

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    Re: Is it getting HOT here or am I some kind of conspiracy nut?

    So what is your take on the " radiation problem" coming from Fukashima to date.... I have involved myself because the Hutchisons on the Pacific Coast are making pretty substantial claims that they have developed a system which would remediate the radiation. I am unclear on how they are actually doing that and added to my worry over whether they are actually doing something is the concern that these tones may not have been investigated thoroughly. If they believe that their tones can make that much difference to some matter... how do they know they wont be affecting other situations seriously.

    And I have to admit I have a personal dog in this fight... which is the protection of my Dads name and reputation which I believe they are using to bolster their credibility. Which... is an irritation.

    This is a segment of one of her latest messages to the Cosmic Token.

    And Linda---if you were paying attention to you father's technology'
    you would "get it".
    and would see how your FATHER'S WORK has been a part of this how event is unfolding.
    The hills are alive, with the Sound of Music....

    ? View topic - Fruitbat's Experiment

    I say.... no such thing is happening and I am worried that this is all a farce. If they can be proven to be actually doing what they say they are doing then I am happy for them and all of us because obviously we will all benefit.... but if this is some kind of a ruse... it is a cruel one on the people who have supported them for years and have faith in them.

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    Re: Is it getting HOT here or am I some kind of conspiracy nut?

    The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music.

    That sounds like a reference to the Decker Lab and the wall? By the way, do you have any pictures of anything at Decker's? Afterall, we have only your word that it was on the side of a wall. How big was the wall? Was it mounted to the wall or was it built in front of the wall? There are no references in the lab books so what is the source for the reference to the speaker at Decker's?

    Speaker....sound....radiation....hmmmm, perhaps she has your Father confused with Dr. Paul Brown (Nuclear Solutions Inc).

    His idea was to deal with radiation with radiation. The problem is, when someone hears the word radiation, they think nuclear. There are all types of radiation, even that which comes from a speaker on a wall.


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