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Thread: hello

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    hi everyone great forum! looking forward to reading you all

    i'm from south africa, and have travelled around alot, 32years old, male, been to the states, oregon, wisconsin, minnesota, europe, uk,holland,germany,sweden,france and been in israel...

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    Re: hello

    Hello and Welcome to the forum! It's great to have you here and I look forward to further conversations with you! If there's anything you need or if you have any concerns, feel free to ask.

    Enjoy the site!
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: hello

    Hello syra, love to have you here, looking forward to converse.

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    Re: hello

    Hi syra. Hope to see you around and get into some deep discussions with you.
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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    Re: hello

    seems like we have some soulmates here that cool.

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    Re: hello

    I'm ALWAYS looking for people to talk to about this stuff. I love it!
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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