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Thread: Hallo All

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    Hallo All

    My Name is Sue-Ellen.
    Im in South Africa, I found this site by accedent! I am so worried about all the things I read on this site. I always knew that stuff is happening but did not ever take it seriously. Ive got two boys, and cant stop thinking of what will happen to them in this evil world. Well thanx for your site.


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    Re: Hallo All

    Hello, and Welcome!

    Nothing is every really by 'accident', as everything happens for a reason. You are here because it is time for you to be here, for whatever reason that may be.

    There's nothing to worry about. Most of the things you read, although are in fact happening, are also happening for a reason, and it is websites like this one that are here to try and change the way this world is working at this time. Spreading the word of the evil happenings is a way of helping others to see what is going on in front of them so that they may change things for the better and free themselves.

    Then end of the evil era is upon us. Things will get worse as more and more is revealed, however, this will bring change for the better of all mankind.

    Don't ignore it, but listen to it carefully. And above all, relax, it's not as bad as you think; as long as you're aware of what's going on that is.

    Lady of Light
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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