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Thread: I AM Amaterasu...

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    Re: I AM Amaterasu...

    What do You mean We're not "that" yet? Humans are overall very beautiful, with many twisted under the ill-fitting yoke of a money system. What do You think I will be "changing" Humans into? As far as I can see, I'm asking no One to change except to give up work they dislike or despise. Gee... I don't think that's a tough change.

    I will NOT need to invent tech that does not exist. It existed over 50 years ago and I assure You black projects have advanced it greatly since then. I think You are trying to say "perpetual motion." And no. It's NOT free energy. Things wear out and break down. You can go ahead and believe overunity does not exist - I don't care - but I KNOW it does. [shrug]

    I am not religious. I am able to see it very clearly and I care so damned much about Humanity and the needless suffering and poverty. If I didn't care so much, I wouldn't put My time into this. It is fury that drives Me, really. Knowing that free energy IS available to Some, and withheld from Others, all for power plays. Meanwhile People are hungry, starving, dying. Yes, I want to correct that.

    Turns out I have studied economics virtually all My life, and chaos theory, and emergence, and fractals, and probability, and psychology, and social engineering... And I have put all this together - synthesized it - and I see a solution.

    I am certain - and was on 9/11 itself - that 9/11 was an inside job, having awakened to the truth of this world nearly 15 years ago. But They are few and We are many. And if the solution I offer spreads to the tipping point, all the toadies will see that They don't have to be toadies in the world I would create - and You KNOW it's not the members of the 13 families who have the knowledge Themselves. It's Their toadies. When the toadies understand They don't have to toady anymore, They will start the information flowing out to Us.

    As long as We putter around stabbing at Them with rubber knives and don't band behind a solid solution, You're right. Our liberties will continue to be slowly removed until we end up in a tyranny, and further down the road, a One World Government. So that is why I am so driven. It's now or never. And I plan on its being now. Get awareness to the tipping point that, YES, We have free energy. Yes, money = accounting for meaningful energy expended in an energy-scarce society. Yes, robots can replace Human energy - become Our "slaves" in place of the Human ones. Yes, this means We will ALL be free of virtually all the ills We have seen Humanity struggle under for 5,000 years. We are finally at a point where We can cast off the chains of wage/debt slavery.

    Just get it to the tipping point and it will skate on in.
    "If the universe is made of mostly dark energy...can We use it to run Our cars?"
    "If You want Peace, take the profit out of war."
    "Information will free Us."

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    Re: I AM Amaterasu...

    Lliqwerty, some people argue a point to understand where the other is coming from and maybe learn something or teach something other like YOU argue for argument sake and winning, I find you rude, you do not even bother reading what is written, I pity any relationship you may end up in, as when the other person is talking all you will be doing is thinking what to say without even listening to what they are saying
    me swimming in money? DUH Duh Duh is how I describe you DUH

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