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Thread: How can I join the illuminati for Fame and Money?

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    Re: How can I join the illuminati for Fame and Money?

    I personally would love to see us move in a direction AWAY from that kind of thinking where we NEED and WANT. Why do we need to be a part of that which is ultimately conditioning us and bringing down our society from what could easily be a loving one to that which is greedy and hateful? I don't believe it is naturally part of us. Yes, it is always that to WANT, but for reasons other than GREED. I believe we are completely conditioned into this greedy hateful way of thinking and for some, living. I don't understand why all these people (and trust me, there are a lot) actually WANT to be ruled by others to tell them they are great at doing what they do. Be what you are. If you like to entertain, then entertain. You don't need millions to do it.

    The problem with not accepting it is in the people who can't drop the conditioning and mostly it is out of fear. If we all didn't accept it, things would change, and for the better. That's my current 2 cents.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: How can I join the illuminati for Fame and Money?

    And your two cents is a great treasure.

    I have come through the years to the understanding that there is a force which moves amongst us and yes.... recruits.... those that it needs for special purposes.... according to our talents and abilities.... and yes...ourwill.....I have no name for this group.

    The name Illuminati might have fit them centuries ago but so much rhetoric has surrounded the name that now it carries far too much baggage with it....

    I believe that it does exist.... has existed for all time within an interaction with humans.... as soon as our brain began to consider the possibilitiy of something existing BEYOND us.

    I also think that we can belong to this Group.... be an active member of it.... and perhaps never realize it.

    Its not like they meet every thursday night at a Lodge. <g> Linda

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