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Thread: Hi Ya'll From Texas

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    Hi Ya'll From Texas

    Hi everyone, I have know for sometime now that our government is evil and found this site though erosthemovie video. I like the ideal that we are not helpless and can make a difference. Hope to meet lots of people with the same interest here and make some new friends.

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    Re: Hi Ya'll From Texas

    Welcome Harley!

    NO... We are NOT helpless. And its always good to have guys from Texas on our side here!

    One of the most important things ( from my point of view) is to uncover how we have all been " Manipulated" in the past and bring that knowledge to light.... because then we are all smarter and tougher... but we need to be together... because a single person ( though a single flame in the dark is still vital...) what we need now is a BONFIRE.

    Looking forward to seeing your ideas and responses.

    Funny coincidence.... Just put a little pin in my map this morning....Austin... looking forward to visiting soon...Apparently much of the nation is appreciating what Austin has to offer....and it was embarrassing that I have never even been there.


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    Re: Hi Ya'll From Texas

    Hello Harley! It's great to have you here as part of our community!

    I have no idea what erosthemovie is, but I would love to know more about it.

    As Linda said above, NO, we are NOT helpless, not in the slightest. We have the power to fight any potential oppression that looks to be headed our way, but we HAVE to go about it in the right way. We have the power to do all kinds of things if we wake up and believe and change our way of thinking.

    We have a great little community here with lots of different viewpoints. I look forward to hearing more of yours!


    Lady of Light
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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