Evanesce Endenich climate theory
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last week there appeared a 'alarming' study into the sea as a result of the increase, caused by human activity, global warming. The obligatory flummery ( "... we can still reverse the tide as politicians now ... powerful decisions of world leaders ... etc . ') made an impression worn. In the jargon to continue for the CO2 circus is eleven fifty-five and they do nothing, the irreversible collapse. Last week an international conference in the Heartland Institute's minced of man made global warming.

The conference was entitled "Global warming: was it ever really a crisis?" And attracted 700 visitors. Professor Richard Lindzen, one of the world's leading climatologists, made it clear that the political, not scientific thing. Especially disturbing is that several scientific organizations over by CO2 believers who publish notices without consulting members. He said the climate models' onintelligente design and global warming a postmodern coup d'etat. Professor Lindzen said delicately that nature does not follow the models and that there is no global warming in the last 15 years had been.

One of the most devastating presentations came from Gabriel Calzada, a Spanish economist. Spain's leadership in sustainable energy "massively subsidized by wind and solar energy - very much praised by President Obama - it makes huge costs but not revenue. The whole project was sustainable to disintegrate. 'So-called green jobs in the trade winds have to be paid by two' normal 'jobs. This grant will also work now sustainable bubble collapses together.

The good news, according to Benny Peiser of Liverpool John Moores University and editor of the influential CCNet science network, was that the environmental movement in Europe and increasingly significant decline was unpopular . The attempt to Europe and the Environmental Union to consider, had failed. Someone from the audience asked Roger Helmer, MEP, why European governments continued to promote such destructive and pointless policy. Mr. Helmer said that the lethargy was pure and iron-heinig once deployed on a course without plan B.

Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic and the European Union, pointed out that within the political establishment as a body discipline during communism. He reported that there is very little or no politicians are aware of - or at least interested in - the shortcomings of the officially called "climate science" or the potential dangers of climate policy.

Indur Goklany, an expert in globalization, using the figures from the UN to show that global warming was no threat as the public forecast. The UN has even recognized. To recognize these facts, you only their documents as a lawyer read.

In this regard, the credit crisis just in time for many ill-fated tax and money-consuming environmental efforts. A shame that this capital now ill-fated all-consuming money and tax credit plans.

More info on this, the entire Dutch media totally ignored, conference can be found here.

Source: vrijspreker.nl