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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Astrological aspect, there is indeed, a number of interesting planetary transitions between the years 2008 and 2011, all three planets slow change of character. Pluto into Capricorn in 2008 (credit crisis), Uranus in 2010 to Aries, Neptune in 2011 to fish. These changes strengthen character in this case the nature of these three planets, their nuclear force can fully express.


If we look at the collective developments, then we in astrology to the slow planets Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. These three are currently in the last signs of the zodiac. It is the feeling for the 'end' in which we live. Just think of the expectations for the year 2012, ranging from a collapse of the world by the end of one of the Mayan calendars, the expectation that we all moved to another dimension ascenderen. Or simply nothing happens?

Astrological aspect, there is indeed, a number of interesting planetary transitions between the years 2008 and 2011, all three planets slow change of character. Pluto into Capricorn in 2008 (credit crisis), Uranus in 2010 to Aries, Neptune in 2011 to fish. These changes strengthen character in this case the nature of these three planets, their nuclear force can fully express. Pluto evolves and transforms, and it spiritualiseert Transcendental Neptune and Uranus refresh drastically.


The world is continuously changing in unpredictable and surprising ways. Also astrologers can not literally predict what will happen by the complexity of the whole. However, it is possible through study of the same positions in the past, combined with the influences of planets and signs a sketch, one expected to show the direction in which things seem to go.

Pluto is in Capricorn in 2008 arrived in 2008 and has already 'house' in the sign Capricorn. Capricorn is about economics, structure, governance, authority, boundaries and dikes, in short everything the cornerstones of the society concerned. Pluto reveals that schoffelt and bottom that is no good. Everything is not well founded under the Capricorn Principe, is now exposed and tested for durability and quality. This planet is maintained until 2025.

Pluto has also Capricorn accrued at the time of the American struggle for independence. From that moment, the appearance of the modern world and formed the germ of the modern power produced. Now Pluto is again Capricorn can view again firmly going to change. Countries that their 'homework' is not well done and that their policies are based on drift sand covered by the basket. The effects of the current crisis can go much further than we might think. It is not just about money, but also a (re) distribution of power and influence.

Is Asia now world domination to take place in an impoverished America? Or are we really do and we finally realize that the world may begin to be structured differently?

Pluto in Capricorn confronts us with authority, power and powerlessness, both inside and outside us. We are increasing our awareness of the authorities encourage our European and National level and we appreciate us what we want. We do this at this time not in insurrection, because that has only a short effect in most cases. The challenge now is to collectively decide that we want and to be accompanied by action to be structures, laws and traditions to change and outside of our personal life.

The Capricorn Principle to a meta level to the optimization of the ancestral principle: the combination of caring, integrity and responsibility. If we now agree that the world against each other to develop, then this world a different face!

Uranus, a naturally violent revolutionary planet Friday, ending in 2010 with the fiery Ram and remains there until 2019. We see at this moment, now Uranus in Pisces is gentle, low collective revolutionary impetus. That does not mean that nothing happens, but changes take place more on internal, often unconscious and spiritual levels. We have everything revolutionary plane already had a bit over the past 85 years (the cycle of Uranus) and what is what real change can bring?

That we currently do not now and that may cause passivity. From 2010, new collective concepts in our wake. We can see 2008-2009 as a period of concept formation, like a pregnancy before going to the birth of a new revolution, that between 2010 and 2019 is playing and the seed sets for a number of key innovations in this world. The nature of these two principles that are probably associated with violence and struggle.

A similar entry of Uranus in Aries took place in 1928, when fascism was on. These two factors together can form an explosive combination. Uranus is radical and Ram is a warrior. The NSDAP was in 1928, twelve seats in the German parliament and that was the starting point of a series of very significant events that changed the world immensely. In that year were also penicillin discovered and invented the Geiger counter.

Were born eg. Jean Marie Le Pen, Joop Glimmerveen, Hosni Mubarak, Andy Warhol, Ennio Moriccone, Noam Chomsky. In 1929, the Vatican an independent state, the stock market crash in New York was next with a huge recession and the collectivization of Stalin announces that millions of farmers off their land is taken.

Given the historical facts of the past, we expect that in 2010 and then there is far too huge to happen, that now the heat is. Many will be discharged and anger that can radically and violently to go to, given the experience of history.

From summer 2011 to start a square Uranus and Pluto, an aspect tension with each other, to make in 2012 will be full. The disaster predictions about 2012 seem, astrological speaking, not entirely from the wrong. This aspect has also occurred in April and augustus1932 and March 1933. These were turbulent years in many European conflicts. The NSDAP came to power.

If we at Wikipedia in 1932 and 1933 annual surveys of view, it happens every month so far, there are so many global conflicts, political violence and struggle that you are dizzy. The German Reichstag building is in flames, which took place at almost exactly the square Pluto / Uranus. National Socialism in 1933 finally comes to power and break the unions. The first concentration camps opened and Jews are excluded and boycotted.

We saw during the period of Uranus between 1932 and 1939 Ram was a huge rapid technological progress. There was a rapid development of technology around roads, weapons, aircraft, fission and so on. This knowledge was during WW2 valued and developed.

We may from 2010 including a period of technical innovation, look, now not so much with computers (Virgin) to make, but with energy, motors, drives, motion and so on.

Neptune is in Pisces sixteen years from 2011. We can expect spiritualism of society. Old and new forms of religion and spirituality will again enter public life in a different way than it is today. The rise of Islam in the West took place during the course of Pluto in Sagittarius. This state, the radical and battle around principles and values on mental grounds. Neptune and Pisces have much more to do with religious experience with religious systems of values and standards.

Neptune is also collective movements that sprout from undulations and trends in the collective subconscious. Sometimes there is a massive upwards trend of change in the collective life cause. This allows a collective motion to be set up in this collective (sub) consciousness, especially when it comes to topics that deal with fishing, such as religion, slavery, social injustice and all topics related to with humanity or lack thereof.

In 1848 Neptune was also the sign Pisces in. There were mass movements, as the French revolution in February because of the social injustice and poverty, the time when "Les Miserables" is playing. The Communist Manifesto of Marx and English appeared that one could find fertile ground in those miserable conditions ...

The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy and the power of the king in the Netherlands restricted. Va. 1950, there were gas works and public lighting was by gaslight.

Pisces and Neptune also have a strong link with disease and healing, especially from a more energetic / spiritual perspective. Dr. Kneipp developed water courses. In 1848, the homeopathic Boston Female Medical College was founded, when a recognized faculty. It was the first faculty in the world where women could study medicine.

Given the above, it is likely that new social movements to develop. The contradictions in the world have increased, which is a mass movement can create. They can also be a change in the medical field, leading to greater recognition of other methods throughout.

Neptune was discovered in 1846 and in 2011 for the first time back at the place where he is discovered. The discovery of Neptune was the greater awakening of individual spirituality. That rush is late 19th century in the emergence of theosophy through Helena Blavatsky and subsequent anthroposophy and modern spiritual movements.

The movements in the horoscope of the Netherlands

The 'birth' of the Netherlands is not able to find out. There are many changes of administration and governance have been. The horoscope is that of the coronation of King William 1, 16-03-1815 at 10:30 in Den Haag. This horoscope has regularly show good results.

The Dutch horoscope sign is Pisces and Cancer ascendant. The constellation Cancer is also always our region, given the wet water-like character of the landscape. This gives our people a more closed, but emotionally responsive nature feeling and empathize with a social background. The victims of this world get us deep into the soul and no doubt this is the reason why the Netherlands as much on development and why we donate Dutch super donors to charities are.

There is also much mystery and cover-like in this horoscope. Behind the scenes is not much daylight can tolerate a lot of that, really in the public would have done if it really can be called a democracy.

The most powerful players in the horoscope of our country partners. There is always the danger that our country is more driven by agreements, pacts and treaties with other countries than our own Parliament or our own governments, which often succumb to the honor or status that a particular event means to them.

It is always a challenge "on its own legs to dare to stand and openly to their own people to see where it is doing and that the national interest is. This semitransparent way to affect the government frequently lost contact with citizens. The public is poorly seen, suggests the attitude to the outside world something different. Authority is rather indirectly communicated and enforced. Vision is often lacking and is not stable but ad hoc.


Netherlands will own social side rediscover again. This is likely due to a disaster or war situation victims, making our feelings known helpful above water. It will also bring painful abuses upwards. These have to do with the government and abuse in health care.

In recent years we have become aware that too much regulation. Essentially that of a need to control. Our country managers often have the feeling things are not in the condition. That in itself is also known as the national character as emotional, chaotic, messy as anti-authoritarian and inconsistent and therefore difficult to steer. This can not be solved with rules. Rules are increasingly millstones to our individual and collective neck. This can be solved by any profession to the table and discuss rules and then dare deleted.

There will be a new thinking visible, a new direction, even at government level. It is necessary that some things will be clarified. The start is in fact already in the events in 2002 and 2003, the LPF won, the Cabinet I fell and in 2003 new elections were required. The Iraq War started under very dubious pretenses. This has led to great caution and even less openness. However, it seems that in 2009 and especially 2010, the business will be broken open and that the painful truth is. This can lead to serious consequences for the government. The fall is not excluded.

In fact, our country is already a number of years in a sort of identity crisis. The business is increasingly experienced as emptiness, because that business does not fit with the Dutch national character. We want plenty of care and care for each other.

There are currently a number of partly or fully hidden scandals, this year will be bright. Dutch governments are often not transparent. This attitude must change in order to restore credibility. The feeling of the public about the world and on the state of affairs (economics and government) is still very volatile, so the polls continue to show large outliers. It is for me whether right-wing parties, such as TON of Wilders and the Party will be enforced.

The hard line becomes more and more 'off' and was only 'in' a sort of protest expression. At the same time the government tries a stronger work ethic to speak to the economy to Peppen. This will only work if things are actually organized by well-organized bodies. However, much is being internally organized to detail. That leads to chaos. Regular will be visible that chaos expresses itself in a do not know what one does on ministries and agencies.

There is a growing clash between groups with an ideal and groups purely business thinking. It is better to bridge the divisions and to make concessions to work together to arrive. Nor can the government have problems with international commitments made, but less positive sense and protest unpack calls. Again, a balance must be followed.

The business in the year to boost. Especially the cultural sector, and opportunities can be a more professional approach substantially improve themselves. The housing market seems to recover after the summer, as well as international trade.

We are on the eve of major changes in 2010. At the end of 2009 is already clear. Perhaps a fall of the government? In each case, the Netherlands wants something different and that there is no doubt in 2010! That will be the relations with other countries to radically change.

- Moon, Mr 1 in 12 and many planets in Pisces intercepted in 10
- South Node and Mars in Capricorn 7
- Progressive ascendant on Monday in March and progressive opposition Cheiron MC in Pisces 10
- Saturn transit through Virgo 4
- Uranus transit conjunct Sun and Mercury

Source: leamanders