Possible explanation found for left turning nature of life
Monday, March 23

NASA scientists have found new evidence that the building blocks of life on earth from space came. That life is based on a twenty known amino acids. These organic compounds known two forms that are mirror images of each other. In principle, both turning left "and" turning right "amino acids capable of larger molecules such as proteins, to form a mixture of the two leads to nothing. On Earth, the living 'chosen' for the left turning variant.

But why? Examination of samples of meteorites rich in amino acids, shows that this more than turning left turning right amino acids. Moreover, it was found that meteorites contain water which also left a larger surplus of amino acids have running.

The choice for left turning nature 'seems to the presence of water to make it. If ever there was life elsewhere in the solar system is found, and indeed the source of meteorites are, it seems likely that life on the left turning amino acid based.

Source: all about astronomy