New species from Paoea New Guinea
Thursday, March 26,2009

Jumping spiders, frogs and striped gecko. This is the harvest of an expedition of scientists to a remote mountain in Paoea New Guinea.

In total, the scientists found, associated with environmental organization Conservation International, in July and August 2008 50 new species. The large gifgroene frog is seen as the greatest discovery, but also a small brown frog that the sound of a bird and a frog that makes a loud roar brings were not previously observed. Except frogs took the team a striped gecko who climbs with claws and six jumping spiders.

According to Craig Franklin, a zoologist at the University of Queensland in Australia, is the discovery of frogs important. "Frogs are a bio-indicator. When we see pollution rapidly declining number of frog species. "Thus Franklin against the AP.