The Rest Of The Secret
Saturday, March 28, 2009

We dream up our life experiences with every thought. Those 'dreams' create our' reality 'like a fax - an out printing of the facts or what we are thinking. Thoughts get 'crystallized' in form. That was the 'great' revelation in the popular book, "The Secret." It is a concept has been written about in countless ways for centuries whose time has come.

This would be a very fun way to live if it controlling our thoughts could be done consciously! But as human beings we are trapped inside ideas, beliefs, genetics and bio-chemical programs that weaken the will and cloud our ability to choose only positive thoughts. Although there are endless ways for people to market this very simple, albeit somewhat old new concept that creates thought, very few people are actually able to translate the information into their lives and pocket books.

Here's the rest of the story that the marketers leave out:

In quantum physics scientists have discovered that the universe, instead of being made of solid matter as it appears, it is actually made of waves or energy. These waves have infinite potential vote from a form less void or endless amounts of substance with which all form is made to appear.
A thought, an urge, a genetic program, a strong memory good or bad, depending on its strength, calls forth from the infinite substance in order to create form. So a strong ancestral gene carrying a negative and usually unconscious memory (like, 'I am worthless' or' I am unloved ") gets played out in our lives usually without our being able to alter it much. This process is by and large undetected by our conscious mind.
How we observe and judge (or concertize) the experiences being played out in our lives either collapses or perpetuates a particular manifestation. So if an unfortunate occurrence happens and we feel utterly powerless in the situation, this very negative bio-print becomes "sticky." It gets' im-pressed in our memory banks and then continues to play out our lives in various ways' secretly 'because of the nature of its hidden impact. It plays out in our bank books, our marriages, and children's lives. We become stuck in a Mnemonic feedback loop. This is how our bio-computer/brain operates.
In essence the extent that we are unaware of the unconscious thought structure through which we observe and judge the world we see, is the extent to which we are mesmerized and Bewitched by the manifestation, held in check so to speak. We are not fully connected to our creative genius but rather chained to a default program.

I believe this is an archetypal agenda existing within the mind and soul of our brains and our cells. I believe it is a case of arrested development and I believe that this unconscious and distorted programming is the original sin.

My research shows how an underlying and fundamental genetic abnormality created a psychological dynamic that has broken the heart of wo / man. This incident shattered human evolutionary child so deeply that we live almost entirely in its shadow. This weakness has been played out and Materialize itself in the human condition for thousands of years. Our light has been dimmed.

Although on an individual level some have been able to escape it, the greater human family suffer from an archetypal trauma that has all but crippled the creative process. An ancient biological shock has crystallized into an overwhelming inability for most people be able to remain positively focused on an intention completely enough and long enough to direct it to its glorious manifestation.

In order to be able to make the unseen visible, many steps need to be taken. Much more than that, the very apparatus we see with (our brains and bodies) need to be intact enough to have the energy and attention necessary to bring non-physical energetic substance into physical appearance.

Well, if you have been able to stay with me so far, you would be thinking, "So how can I manifest?

Here's some suggestions:
Do not be seduced by any fixed points of view.
Pick view points that lay outside of any closed systems, beliefs, norms.
Use the power of observation to bring into focus the Sharper Apparition (apparent condition) or mis-creations fit in the objective world.
Remember this world actually pulses in and out of a radiant emptiness. This form is less void the source of all manifestation.
Love you all so see you then have the energy to collapse it back into pure energy.

And the most important of all, do not avoid getting acquainted with your own questionable sanity. You are projecting it onto the 'screen' of people, places and things all around you. Gather enough strength to look directly into your own darkness. It is manna from which to reclaim power. Breathe.

The more unsatisfying your life, the more juice you have stored to release. Be utterly child and loving to yourself and everyone around you. They are ultimately your projections. Hating the mirror does not change its reflection, but laughing back at it will.

Love, which is the ultimate dissolver or stickiness, really is the answer. Start with yourself unconditionally.