"Radiation Standard mobile phone masts decrease has the opposite effect"
Monday, March 30, 2009

If the radiation standard for mobile phone masts decreases, then the mobile phones and more radiation to reach the opposite effect of what one can achieve in mind. That says consumer organization Test-Achats. A reduction of the radiation standard 3 V / m in the Brussels region is for the consumer organization also "unacceptable".

According to Test-Achats, the debate on the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation "polluted by several misconceptions. Be "wrong" the mobile phone masts endorsed. Think of the Brussels region and the debate surrounding the reduction of the radiation standard 3 V / m (volts per meter). Such a lower standard, according to Test-Achats lead to a decrease in the quality of the GSM network, for example by a poor call quality and a reduction of the range.

But the most striking result is that the transmission capacity of the equipment itself will have to increase the signal from the network itself becomes weaker. According to Test-Achats studies show that the amount of energy absorbed in the human head for the vast majority comes from the electromagnetic fields of the equipment and not the masts. "A total perverse effect therefore, provides the. "The proposed standard is therefore unacceptable," said Test-Achats. (belga / SPS)

Source: hn.be