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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Can still see?

This weekend is known as the Rural view day stars
Translated version of http://www.star-people.nl/index.php?module=news&id=151
over the door and it seems that the weather gods us very favorable, haleluja. The object which we have landed into the general public may deter what is our Sun, the central heating and l center of the solar system. Innumerable amateur astronomer has his solar filters already wrapped around the Sun to the curious to show. And what you see then that there is a sunspot can be seen! nix sunspot. See for example the picture above last Monday, created by the SOHO satellite. OK, the sun is currently in the minimum of its sunspot cycle,
Translated version of http://www.star-people.nl/index.php?module=news&id=151
but this is very extreme. The last 90 days there were only 12 days to see sun spots, that's a meager 13%. In short, do not expect spectacular scenes on the Sun next weekend. But there are still plenty of other fun things to see hear, so you do not stop to look at the country star view day. Source: Universe Today.

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