Energy from space
Thursday, April 16, 2009

It seems science fiction. A huge sunshade begins outside the atmosphere and sun radiates energy to Earth. In 2016, it is reality.

The energy crisis is just as caught by the credit crisis. Yet many entrepreneurs right now thinking about a green form of energy. It's raining big plans. For example, it is the main environmental Boeing for example, in the future, all aircraft to fly on algae.

But the prize for the most remarkable plan goes to the California power company PG & E .
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They want in 2016 a gigantic screen with solar cells in space shooting. Outside the atmosphere, this screen 1700 gigawatt-hours per year to generate electricity. This is via a microwave transmitter to earth sent. Just outside the city of Fresno is a receiving station.

The technology for the plan is already available. Only the implementation quite a few hooks and eyes.
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For example, PG & E and the farm Volt residents (the technology) has allowed the screen in the room 'hang'. In addition, space vehicles available to the stuff in the space available. Volt residents estimated that four or five trips to the area need to get everything working.

But if it works, it is a project of great beauty. Outside the atmosphere absorbs a sunscreen three times more light than the earth. And because energy through a channel is easy to make, then the distance to be no obstacle. This should quarter million households for energy

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