Hundreds of new frog species discovered
Thursday, May 8, 2009

Spanish researchers have approximately 200 new frog species discovered in Madagascar. The Spanish Scientific Research Council found many of these new species outside protected areas by the government. The researchers believe many more world-wide amphibian species to be discovered.

Professor David R. Vieites, who was part of the Spanish team in Madagascar, on the one side is pleased with the discovery of new species, but is also concerned.

Many rain forest in Madagascar goes against the plain. In total, all 80 percent of tropical forest destroyed there. This development threatens even more species than previously known.

The unstable political situation in Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, is a concern. Recently was in the former French colony held a coup and riots between political opponents were dozens of deaths at the end of February.

One of the researchers, Miguel Vences, predicts that the discovery of the new frog species is a promising process initiated put. "The majority of life on earth must still be discovered."

Original Source: CNN

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