"Oceans provide magnetic field around the earth"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The magnetic field around the earth is caused by molten metal in the Earth core, as we learn at school. Wrong, as we read in the Sunday Times, in fact, the oceans, to be precise movements of salt water, which is responsible for it.

The magnetic field of the earth, which is thousands of miles in space, is of crucial importance for life on this planet earth because it protects against lethal radiation. The importance of this field is so great that none other than Albert Einstein last century said that understanding this natural phenomenon is one of the most important tasks for scientists.

Cause of Earths core
These researchers concluded that ultimately the cause could be found in the Earth core, where molten metal swing around. As the liquid iron in the crust is heated by the core increases and that this process causes electrical currents that cause the magnetic field, as was so far the theory.

Now criticizes Professor Gregory Ryskin of Northwestern University in the U.S. state of Illinois that argument as "something we always accepted, but no evidence existed. Something we lack in question.

Fundamental change
Professor Ryskin did that well, and his research led to a conclusion that the world of geophysics for good could change. In an article that was published in the New Journal of Physics, he suggests that the movements in the seas are engaged in the magnetic field. The salt in seawater can electricity conductor, during which the electric waves and magnetic fields occur. (afp / adv)

Source: hln.be