The Russian energy and anti-gravity device, the Magnetic Energy Converter (MEC), was claimed to produce magnetic anomalies, lower the temperature of its surroundings, self-sustain without input, and even produce anti-gravity effects. Its partial replication will be announced at the Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum (SPESIF) on March 15-17, 2011 at the University of Maryland, College Park.

There are many claims of devices that produce energy or thrust without a conventional source. However, it is not very common to come across a device that claims to produce both. The Magnetic Energy Converter designed by V. V. Roshchin and S. M. Godin is such a device. It is claimed to produce energy without input, self-sustain, and produce anti-gravitational effects when a load is applied. In addition, it is claimed to produce a temperature drop in its surroundings and produce magnetic anomalies up to 15 meters away.

you can read all about it here http://www.integrityresearchinstitut...chin_Godin.PDF

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This device is claimed to replicate at least some aspects of the "MEC." For example, they have detected a drop of temperature in its surroundings, magnetic anomalies, and a reduction in the weight of the device. However, they claim, "unfortunately self-accelerated motion has yet to be obtained." The "MEC" was claimed to self sustain and be able to power a 7 kilowatt load while losing 35% of its weight

press release http://www.integrityresearchinstitut...ningstarPR.pdf