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Thread: Global 'fireballs' may be caused by impending comet

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    Global 'fireballs' may be caused by impending comet

    Global 'fireballs' may be caused by impending comet
    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    In recent weeks across the world 'fireballs' in the sky observed. A fireball was seen in the Netherlands and Sweden filmed. According to the Russian space expert Igor Lisov are meteorites, possibly in 2007 by the newly discovered comet Lulin (picture) towards the Earth to be ejected. This comet, which is a green haze has hung around them, will be leading Tuesday, February 24 closest planet are approached.

    According Lisov caused the 'new' comet strong gravity distortions, and meteorites from the Léonide belted be pushed from their jobs. Some of these meteorites, the Earth has reached, and all at different places have been taken (Texas, Atlantic Ocean). These "fireballs" that were seen in the U.S., Canada, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands, as a meteorite created the atmosphere of the Earth cortex.

    According Lisov the comet as an impending danger, partly because detached parts of the comet itself towards our planet can be ejected. If a large meteorite is ripped from its orbit and the Earth would crash, then this is a catastrophic earthquake and / or cause massive tidal waves. The probability of this is considered by most astronomers is generally regarded as very small.
    Comet astronomers Lulin is unprecedented in the Earth in the neighborhood had. Lulin is also called the "green comet ', because a huge, comet related to the green gas clouds, which is estimated as high as the super planet Jupiter. The green gas is composed of highly toxic cyanogeen, a substance which occurs in many comets, and diatomische carbon (C2). Both substances lights green if they are lit by the Sunday

    Astronomers warned recently of the existence of so-called 'dark comets, which are only observed when relatively close to Earth come. There were thousands of such comets are. Scientists estimate that there are about 3,000 comets in the Solar System are, of which only 25 are identified. There is little publicity, but astronomers regularly comets where they are only one or two days away from the earth.
    In addition to comets and meteorites, asteroids, there are also large rocks, which vary in size from a few tens of meters to many hundreds of kilometers, which is in orbit around the sun run. Some asteroids approaching dangerously close to Earth. At present, there are about 1026 potentially hazardous asteroids discovered. On February 2nd pass was a 12 meter high rock on the Earth only 190,000 km. Asteroïdes with a diameter of several hundred meters regularly pass relatively close our planet, and would in a collision unimaginably large disasters cause, and even our entire civilization to delete.

    Comet Lulin, February 24 at the Earth to about 60 million miles will come, may with the naked eye are observed, provided that the air is clear and dark. With simple zodiac viewers and even binoculars Lulin would be easy to follow.

    Source: xander news
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