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Thread: Can evolution be the source of life and all its complexity

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    Can evolution be the source of life and all its complexity

    Can evolution be the source of life and all its complexity
    Friday, March 6, 2009

    D ear carefully watching a living creature you can get an idea of the enormous complexity that it exists. If you have a pet, think about the way the "total package" of the animal moves, plays, thinks, shows affection, eat and reproduce!

    If your mind still does not exceed, you then agree that the task of a live animal of the basic parts of the animal, namely carbon, calcium, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.

    If you ever loved a pet limp and lifeless in your hands you have, you may understand that even the most intelligent and geleerdste scientists are powerless when it comes to the overwhelming problem of life to create.

    The natural world, not the benefits that people have to solve this problem. Nature knows only matter, energy, time, chance and natural laws. A leading power, a reason and a purpose, its unknown.

    However, we collected all our knowledge, advanced tools and experience, still overwhelmed by the complexity of life. This is despite the fact that we do not need to zero from the start, there are millions of examples of life that we can investigate.

    All living things are very complex. Even the simplest organism that can live independently, the prokaryotic cell bacterial, a mini-masterpiece of such complexity that a spaceship in this rather low-tech "seems. [152]

    The design of the human brains is awesome. (Image from the video series ORIGIN.)

    Nothing, however, can the complexity of humans on them. Not only is each person molecoulen and billions of cells, but the human brain alone is composed of billions of billions of cells that all connections. [153]

    The design of the human brain is awesome, and our understanding above. Each square inch (2.54 centimeters) of the brain contains at least 100 million nerve cells which are connected by fibers with a total length of up to ten thousand miles.

    It is said that almost half kilo brains that man has the most complex and orderly matierie best in the whole universe! [154] The human brain is many times more complicated than any computer and is therefore able to infinite information save and creative manipulation. The power and potential of our brains is hard to imagine. And the more we use them, the better they are.

    Even the brain power of the smallest insects is astonishing. The super small brain of an ant, butterfly or draw these creatures to be able to see, smell, taste, movement and even to fly with great precision. Butterflies usually navigate vast distances. Bees and ants live in complex social organizations, implement projects and communicate sophisticated manner. In comparison with these mini brains make our computers and avionics rare.

    The wonders of the operation of both animals and human bodies are clearly endless. This statement by Dr. AE Wilder-Smith agrees to it.

    Imagine that you have the task of a live animal of carbon, calcium, water, etc. This is the reason above. Imagine now agree that the program to an animal to be converted into a miniature version. All the chemical information necessary for an elephant to make is in a super small spot (the fertilized egg).

    "One can only stand if one realizes that the complete chemical information to a man, elephant, frog orchid or make, is compressed into two minuscule reproductive cells (sperm and ovum).

    In addition, all information necessary for the body to repair when damaged, is in the genes. If a engineer would ask for this piece of information together for each other to get pressure, it would be ripe for a psychiatric hospital can be considered.

    It is true that a machine made by a careful craftsman, the maker of these stresses. It is folly to suggest that time and chance a computer or a microwave to make, or that the individual components themselves into these complex mechanisms, the physical properties of matter. Yet life is more complicated than any machine repeatedly made by human hands or the other.

    The more scientists study life, the deeper they impressed. Nature is composed of many intricate and beautiful designs. How close is that objects are made by people viewing (eg by a powerful microscope), the non-refiner in finish and detail, these objects look like. This is in contrast to life, that looks complicated and ingenious as the closer looks. [155] Biologists discover more regular sizes and complexity of design.

    The planet Earth contains many life forms, each with enormous levels of complexity. Materia Listen to believe that life in all its amazing forms only from atoms and molecules exist. They believe that these atoms and molecules themselves formed into complex animals and plants. [156] This view has its origins in an earlier naevere period of science, when the enormous complexity of living organisms has not been understood.

    Even if the nature protein and enzymes are used by living things can make the work unfinished. There is a huge difference between making blocks and creating a fully functioning and strong skyscraper with 100 floors of the building blocks. Buildings are made by builders; programs by programmers.

    Today, most scientists believe that life could never arise without some extremely intelligent designer.

    Source: christian answers
    Attached Images Attached Images Can evolution be the source of life and all its complexity-brain-human-jpg Can evolution be the source of life and all its complexity-butterfly-png Can evolution be the source of life and all its complexity-elephant-jpg 
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    Friedrich Nietzsche

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