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Thread: Helium-3 from the moon the new energy source?

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    Helium-3 from the moon the new energy source?

    Helium-3 from the moon the new energy source?
    Monday, March 9, 2009

    Helium-3, a rare isotope of helium, is an ideal fuel for fusion because there is almost no radioactivity is released and because the fusion is good management. Thus a brief message yesterday in NRC Handelsblad. The message is actually a footnote to the article "Obsessed by the Moon, in the Annex economy of the evening newspaper was published.

    You would rather such articles in the scientific annex, but the approach is economic: many are great for the next race to the moon, not only for prestige reasons, but mainly for the extraction of raw materials. Waren in the sixties the United States and Russia, the race ', this time there is a larger gang members: the U.S., Russia, China, India, Japan, ESA and oddly enough, the individual ESA members France, Germany, Great Britain and Italy. All they have in recent months announced plans Monday, one more tangible than the other.

    As is said in many of these plans the extraction of raw materials on the moon a big role. And then especially that helium-3. On Earth, the almost non-existent. The U.S. holds 29 kg of laboratories in the spulletje and that seems a capital cost 1. Helium-3, also known hellion called, has two protons and one neutron in its nucleus. Just helium has two protons and two neutrons. On the moon there are millions of tons of helium-3 in the soil, measured by the solar wind. It seems that heat quite easily to get to and it would be under pressure as a liquid to the Earth can be transported.

    For those interested is a 13-minute video (Windows Media format) to download the benefits of the use of Helium-3 are highlighted 2. A cargo of 25 tonnes of helium-3 would be good for two weeks of the total energy of the world in the year 2100! This is that we included this time around five times as much energy as needed now.

    The cost of a year energy energy consumption by 2100 would be 'normal' Earth energy methods, such as oil and nuclear energy, estimated at € 1.500 billion. That's a multiple of the costs that the moon plans to bring. In short, the extraction of helium-3 is a perspective for all those beckoning great energy and that makes it attractive to 'the stem back to the moon to go, but for a different way.

    Source: astro blogs
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