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Thread: Scientists offer quantum theory of soul's existence

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    Re: Scientists offer quantum theory of soul's existence

    I was holding my Mother in my arms when she died and I can tell you that I felt what could only be described as a " grand outflowing of spirit". And yes... if the windows hadn't already have been opened.... I would have had the urgent intuitive notion to open them.

    That said... once free and " dispersed" as these scientists seem to believe possible they still haven't addressed the situation that the " soul" that was my Mother still has the ability to reach back to me in my everyday lives and do things that are absolutely as funny as she was. And I can always sense when its HER. I believe science is a long way from figuring THAT one!

    I think that all of you know that my husband is not the most easily swayed person in the world. He sets a course and very Yankee like.... he goes in that direction. There is not much room in Georges life for " fanciful thinking" When things get too " wild" for him he simply turns off his receivers.

    Mother thought that he was a good match for me at the time. " At least dear" she said.... He won't roll his things into a duffelbag and be gone out of your life for six months at a time." And of course she was right... she also adored George because he was the loving security that we all needed during those last few months of her life....and I have watched her through the years... reach back to touch him in ways that were downright funny!

    Yesterday he announced that he had been " Thinking of Momma" ( he always called her that) and he mentioned that he had a clear vision of her making a shirt for Charles Miller....how very good she was at that and that he could actually SEE her with her tape and the pins.... I laughed at the image too and said the only thing that came into my head.... " Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy".

    George looked right at me and said ( honest ) "Thats a GREAT name for your next book!"

    I had to tell him of course that title had already been used..... but I could almost hear my Mother laughing.... not at him for not knowing... but at the situation because she had gotten George to recognize that such a thing was in the future.... and that she was right there with us....all of us....

    " Amazing" he said..... "I could see her so clearly!"

    Though I am looking forward to talking someday to Dr. Hameroff.... I think that even he will agree that no matter what they discover... it will be both EVERYTHING and NOTHING. Linda

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    Re: Scientists offer quantum theory of soul's existence

    Go George!!!


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    Re: Scientists offer quantum theory of soul's existence

    Quote Originally Posted by Pat M's friend View Post
    Do you have a soul?

    I find it funny that it rimes with troll?
    I've been called worse then troll, beside I did not write the article, I just thought is was interesting and could stir up some good conversation.

    I also believe that souls are real and are what gives us conciseness.
    Energy flows where attention goes...

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    Re: Scientists offer quantum theory of soul's existence

    Musashi, I bumped this thread with my limerick nothing more. You know that!

    PS How is DPD1, Dave? I miss his conversation dearly.

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    Re: Scientists offer quantum theory of soul's existence

    IMHO...In My Hobbit opinion.
    There is more involved than just a soul.

    The Egyptians were past masters at dealing with this subject , and better understood the symbiotic interactions between the physical, the force that enabled the physical , and the eternal part that resides in the heart.

    The physical body is a mere vehicle, or tractor for our eternal selves to utilise here in this here and now moment.
    I consider our parents make the vehicle, and at a ceratin point in developement our eternal occupies said vehicle.

    The force that enables the vehicle to remember to be in the here and now moment contains the memory and information of such, as the planet has similer and contains the memory and information of itself.

    The eternal self resides in a different dimension , as does Your overall self, the journey between those dimensions upon death is what again the Egyptians were masters of, the end result been reincarnation back into the self same location , hence why they kept leaving their goods in storage.
    We only now view the last time that all of this was forgotten.


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