This is a 9/11 tribute video that I put together a few months ago. This video includes a range of mainstream news clips that were broadcast on the day. When you examine the evidence, one can only come to the firm conclusion that the official story simply cannot be true. When you take a cold hard look at the events of that day, you can see that the day's events were co-ordinated in such a way that it would achieve one goal -- to get the American people riled up enough to demand that the government do something about it. It is clear that the perpetrators wanted to keep the fear, suspense and confusion going for as long as possible that day. So that by the end of it, the American people would gladly give away their God-given freedoms and allow the ruling elite to do whatever they want in the name of their "war on terror", which is really a war OF terror. After the first tower was hit, we were horrified and confused. Then 15 minutes later, when the 2nd tower was hit, our worst fears were confirmed. But it didn't stop there because 40 minutes later the Pentagon was hit. Then 20 minutes later we hear that a plane has apparently crashed in Pennsylvania. By this time we were all wondering whether the White House was going to be the next target, or whether there were planes destined to hit London or Paris. Then, for the big finale, the two big towers come straight down. Now this last part serves a very big purpose for the perps because the images of the towers coming down will be permanently etched into the minds of the American public. If the towers had remained standing, it would have stood as a symbol that America stands resolute and unshaken. And that is the last thing the real perps wanted. They wanted those towers to come down so that it would serve as a traumatic symbol, so that America would feel devastated, despondent and demoralized. When you inflict this type of trauma and confusion on people, they become extremely easy to take advantage of. You can take away their freedoms and they'll think you're doing them a favor. You can invade any country you want, and the people will think it's justified. You can repeatedly flash words on the TV screen to accompany the traumatic images -- words such as "Bin Laden", "Al Qaeda", and "terrorist cell", etc. Then, in the future, whenever you want to make the people feel scared so that you can take away more of their freedoms, all you have to do is mention one of those words again, and the traumatic feeling associated with those words, comes straight back. This is classic mind control. If you haven't yet woken up to what is going on, you'll probably still feel a slight butterfly in your stomach every time you hear the words "Bin Laden" or "Al Qaeda". That's mind control for you! Please check out some videos on the CIA's "MK Ultra" mind control program.

As an intriguing aside, at the end of this video I have included an ABC interview with Senator John Edwards. You'll notice that he keeps dodging the question as to whether the attack was carried out by foreigners. However, you'll see that the clip had been edited by ABC so that he repeats his first response again. I don't know why ABC chose to do such a copy and paste job like this and air it on TV on the night of 9/11. But this is what they did. Nevertheless, John Edwards clearly didn't want to answer the question that was put to him, and from the tone of his voice and his facial expression, it seems as though he was hiding something, and that he was under orders to keep his mouth zipped. My conclusion is that he was told not to discuss anything that would conflict with the official story.