Air Force Veteran breaks silence about Pentagon
attack on 9 / 11

The Pentagon
An Air Force veteran, the silence surrounding the attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 lost.

An Air Force veteran who was called to assist in the rehabilitation of the rubble after the attack on the Pentagon, says the statement by the U.S. government that the injury was caused by an aircraft, not logical. The evidence was staged, he said.

He agreed to a personal interview with AFP on condition that he should remain anonymous for obvious reasons: the Air Force would severely punish him (the same military hardness of the foot of the survivors of the USS Liberty attack in 1967 many years snoerde ).

The airman, a technical sergeant, has extensive experience with cleaning up hazardous waste, and twice in Afghanistan deployed during the first Persian Gulf war under President Bush senior and later George Bush junior. He has 17 years of service in the Air Force, sit.

The scene at the Pentagon "was not good," said the airman. "There was only one piece of the engine and components of the landing on the ground. It was as if they were placed. Where were the wings? Tail we had expected a lot more rubble to find, but there was very little."

Two huge aircraft engines, according to the Pentagon by the public board, but the holes were too small to make this credible, said the airman. The holes in the Pentagon were the size of Predators, remote controlled spy planes in Iraq and Afghanistan are used, he said.

He agreed with the many construction experts who were interviewed by AFP, it said that the planes of the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York could not have caused, and that bombs inside should be used.

Another sight that he had noted was the story of the young Israeli men who are illegally in the country, and a camera tripod on the roof of a warehouse where they worked briefly for the attacks were successful, focusing on the Twin Towers.

Witnesses told police that the boys festival celebrated with joy and leaps into the air and clapped their hands after the attacks. The police took the men overnight and the following day returned to Israel. All this was in the mainstream media, but the story was immediately terminated.

How did the Israelis wherever they were and what time filming at the World Trade Center disaster.

He holds fast to his "first instinct". The airman told AMERICAN FREE PRESS: "We ourselves have attacked the invasion of Iraq to justify."

If it is true, this is an exact definition of treason, the punishment is the death penalty.

Source:American Free Press