Sept 11, 2010

NEW York cop Glen Klein switched shifts to go to a police union meeting on 9/11 – and cheated death in the Twin Towers attack.

Had he stuck to his normal hours, the Special Weapons And Tactics expert would have been among the 14 members of his unit who were killed in the atrocity.

But in the nine years since the al-Qaeda terror strike, Glen has had to retire from the force because of major health problems and rejects the idea that fate saved his life. In fact, he says he is a “dead man walking”.

The 52-year-old is among more than 10,000 Ground Zero workers – known as “first responders” – who are suffering from serious and even fatal illnesses after inhaling the toxic dust cloud caused by the crumbling towers.

They are the forgotten victims of the 9/11 tragedy, still fighting for justice and compensation.

Glen, who rushed to the World Trade Center straight from his meeting, recalls: “I got to the scene just after the second tower came down. I put on my gas mask that we use in hostage situations and headed into the unknown.

“The clouds of debris and dust were so thick, I knew it couldn’t have been safe. Everything was covered in debris. Officers’ blue uniforms were white. It was crazy.

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