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Thread: Info links 9 / 11

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    Info links 9 / 11

    Info links 9 / 11

    September 19, 2009

    Some video links are in Dutch with no translation

    Here is a list of very convincing evidence and information to prove that the official story about 9 / 11 NOT true:

    The Bush and Bin Laden families TOGETHER earned tens of millions of dollars in the wars in Afganistan and Iraq.
    See report on "The Carlyle Group" video "Bush Bin Laden Connection":

    See also the "CBC News" Report on the Bush-Bin Laden friendship and business relationship.
    video "George Bush & Bin Laden inc. War for Oil ":

    Report on the network of the 'Carlyle Group' by 'Backlight':
    Tegenlicht -> Afleveringen -> De ijzeren driehoek

    Bin Laden would be some years before 9 / 11 have worked at a Western bank.
    See the last 5 minutes of "The Great Conspiracy, Ep 3 Money ':
    Het Grote Complot - Afl 3 Geld

    "Al Qaeda" is the word used in Arabic countries to "The Toilet" ...
    Existence of "Al-Qaeda" Is Crap; Quite Literally

    Evidence that Bush had foreknowledge of 9-11:

    Director Aaron Russo told about the knowledge of the Rockefellers on 9 / 11:

    The NAZI-history of the family Bush, by John Buchanan, the first American journalist could enter the U.S. Archives.
    video 'Bush Family Aided Hitler ":

    Report of the 'History Channel' on the 'Skull & Bones' membership of George Bush Sr. and Jr.
    and the history of the Templars, Freemasons-'Illuminatie'-'New World Order '.
    video 'Secret Societies':
    History Channel-Secret Societies(David Icke) DANIEL PIPES speaks BOLLOCKS!!

    The True Reason for the War on Terror ":

    How the media is controlled and manipulated ..
    video "The Council on Foreign Relations - The CFR controlled media":

    How it is made with the Dutch Media:
    video "The Great Conspiracy, Ep 1 Media '
    Het Grote Complot - Afl 1 Media

    Here is what architects and engineers to say about 9 / 11:

    Demolition Expert told 'Zembla' that Building 7 (Next to the Twin Towers) on 9-11 was brought down by explosives:

    9 / 11 rescue worker told what's wrong with 9 / 11:
    Dappere 9/11 reddingswerker luidt de klok | We Are Change Holland

    Website where you can see that 9 / 11 years was shown on a 20, 5, 10, 50 and $ 100 bill!
    FoldMoney.com - The Amazing $20 Bill


    More about the "New World Order ':
    Willen Wij Weten # action

    A Civil Action Group in the Netherlands that commitment to the truth behind 9 / 11 is to bring to light We Are Change Holland

    Over Ons | We Are Change Holland
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    Friedrich Nietzsche

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