Flight 175 could not have flown over the Verrazano bridge at any time according to official flight data. This is what happens in a coverup. What really happened is hidden in plain sight, and mostly ignored. It was captured in real-time by atc's and provides conclusive proof of something else, the ball which moved north of the towers, then flew west into Jersey and circled back toward the towers. Of course this was not any type of plane, but the object that cbs, wb11, ny1, and nbc filmed.

The Verrazano approach is completely different from the 911 commission's fiction. It's southeast compared to the official southwest approach. The blue line represents the official flight myth and the Verrazano circle around is the closest that anyone has ever gotten to the real flight path that is backed by countless witnesses, for the ball.

Varcadapane: He says to me, “As a matter of fact, do you see that target coming over the Verrazano Bridge.” I went over to the radar and looked at the radar. The Verrazano Bridge is depicted on the radar. And I looked over there and I saw the aircraft descending out of 4700 feet, 3600 feet, 2700 feet."

Greg Callahan: And I could hear him calling on altitudes. “I have a target in sight, he’s descending rapidly.” And he said—“Look out to the southeast,” and the gentleman working ground control said, “Hey, who’s that by the Verrazano Bridge?” "And here comes a very large target descending rapidly, very fast." The skies over America - Dateline NBC | NBC News