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Thread: September Clues - There Were No Planes

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    September Clues - There Were No Planes

    On 9/11, the US TV networks used computer generated sceneries of Manhattan. Multiple techniques of image manipulation were employed to simulate "airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center". We now have conclusive evidence that the TV networks were proactively complicit in staging this false-flag operation needed to gather public consensus to wage immensely profitable, illegal wars.

    The forensic analysis of the LIVE TV images leaves no room for doubt : they do not depict authentic imagery nor real airplane crashes but turn out to be entirely doctored video sequences which effectively fooled the worldwide TV audience. Thus, the live broadcasts now stored in the major TV networks' archives, constitute the most solid, verifiable and repeatable proof to expose the falseness of the official version of the 9/11 tragedy.
    September Clues A

    Playlist (Starting From Part B)



    The following is an analysis of the "ball object" seen hitting one of the World Trade Centers. It complements September Clues nicely. It is recommended to watch September Clues first.

    Mysterious Ball Object Seen Flying Over WTC on 9/11 Part 1 - New Uncovered Footage

    Mysterious Ball Object Seen Flying Over WTC on 9/11 Part 2 - New Uncovered Footage

    Richard D. Hall's Website (Thanks to str8thinker):

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    Re: September Clues - There Were No Planes

    The orb footage is very damning to the official plane myth.

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    Re: September Clues - There Were No Planes


    "I was underneath it, I was looking at the tower, I had my camera in my hand, I heard the noise, I never saw the airplane." CASE CLOSED.

    David, did not hear or see an approaching plane and did not photograph one because there was no plane.

    "...Then out of nowhere came this noise. This loud, high-pitched roar that
    seemed to come from all over, but from nowhere in particular. AND THE SECOND
    . It became amazingly obvious to anyone there that what
    we all had hoped was a terrible accident was actually an overt act of
    . I have no recollection of pushing the button, hitting the shutter,
    making the picture that appeared on Page 2 of the Daily News the next day, a
    picture that was taken milliseconds after the second plane hit that tower

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    Re: September Clues - There Were No Planes

    Small hole, then plane shape created by secondary explosions?

    Even if one accepts that a plane hit the north tower, then the small south tower hole confirms something much smaller impacted it. This proves the witnesses were right and the bogey seen in 4 broadcasts were accurately depicted.

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    Re: September Clues - There Were No Planes

    9/11 Airplane Photo Gallery - 9-11-2001 - 2nd World Trade Center Attack
    The right engine must be in between the first and second slat. The fake image shows the first slat too close to the fuselage, therefore that one fact proves it's fake. The fake engine's in front of the first slat that is too close to the fuselage. This floundering, fake image flop has the flap open on the front of the left wing, not rear where it must be. Yet, another devastating blow to the real planes myth.

    This simple fake image raises reasonable doubt about the official south to north flight path of flight 175. New York police officer, L. Perez, took a picture of the towers and this laughable fake was added to it by persons unknown.

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    Re: September Clues - There Were No Planes

    The truth is the lie, and the lie is the truth. No commercial airliner impacted either tower on 911, but small remote controlled drones were the real weapons which ignited bombs planted inside the buildings. Very obvious fake imagery was aired on TV which the average person had no knowledge or reference with which to understand what they were seeing was failed computer generated imagery that didn't produce a single image that came close to depicting a real boeing 767.

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    Re: September Clues - There Were No Planes

    Four flying bombs were captured on film and survived without alteration. The only inconsistency is chopper 4 disappears behind the top of tower 1, while the other three are lower but at the same level. Here they are in this order; NY1, WB11, CBS, and Chopper 4, aka WNBC. Only the CBS orb did not air live. The Today Show aired the orb but changed camera angles before it could complete its path to explosion.

    The final 14 seconds of approach by nist was south to north, not west to east. The drone/orb cannot visually be a chopper or plane and its float path would have crashed into the west side of T2, not southeast corner. The drone literally circled the towers just like Matt Lauer said after he saw it.

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    Re: September Clues - There Were No Planes

    THE RIGHT ENGINE IS NOT DISCERNABLE and not aligned with the sagging left engine. It's an obvious and easily proven fake. Every video and picture can be proven frauds in the same way. Garbage in, garbage out.

    Notice the white area anterior to the right engine. The fake engine is behind that and far too rear of the left sagging engine. It is simply a fake image with numerous impossibilities.

    The shark fin does not have that fancy angle backward of the boeing. The horizontal stabilizer should be more centered (forward of) with the fin. The right boeing wing is anterior to the fin, while the fake wing is oddly pointing up and far too rear at this angle. The fake image is missing that distinct point at the nose and clearly smaller than it has to appear, if it was real.

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    Re: September Clues - There Were No Planes

    911conspiracy.tv - 2nd WTC Attack Plane Crash Videos

    The drone circled the building just as many witnesses had stated and that is corroborated by 4 broadcasts showing the bogey do just that from the north view. It's logical that with so much footage being released, something from the south would show the orb's goofy bee-bop behind the towers.

    We don't get the drone here but a fake plane exacting it as it circled the Towers. It is most logical that Manos Megagiannis turned his footage over to law enforcement and got it back this way. This man clearly captured the drone coming from over west (left of screen) before circling the buildings which is exactly why that whole part was edited out by starting the fake plane just as it passes east of Tower 1.

    41. Here is the story behind my videos: The distance is about 6 miles, (according to Google Earth), recorded using a Sony PC1. After I got a call from a friend of mine about the first plane, I started filming from inside my apartment. To get a bit better view I went to the roof of the building, and the moment I pointed the camera to the WTC and started recording, without even realizing it I captured the second plane hitting the tower. Actually if you see the original tape you will notice that I move the camera so I can confirm with my own eyes the explosion that I saw through the viewfinder. The rest is just very basic digital zoom (very amateurish I admit). The woman's voice, was some tenant in the same building.

    The videos have NOT being edited to make the plane disappear or anything like that (as some claim). One of these days, if I find some free time I may go back to the master and re-master the video.

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    Re: September Clues - There Were No Planes

    The area right of the towers when facing south will always be west and plenty of witnesses said west, over Newark, or from the Jersey side. It all means west, which was not flight 175.

    CNN.com - Transcripts
    This man had a north view of the towers and saw the drone coming from the west.

    OK, we actually have an "Eyewitness News" reporter, Dr. J. Atlasberg (ph) who was downtown at the time and he is on the phone with us live.

    Dr. J., what can you tell us?

    DR. J. ATLASBERG (ph), REPORTER: Hello, Steve.

    I'm actually uptown at 86th and Riverside. I can see the World Trade Center from about half the building up to the top. And about five minutes ago, as I was watching the smoke, a small plane -- I did -- it looked like a propeller plane, came in from the west.

    And about 20 or 25 stories below the top of the center, disappeared for a second, and then explode behind a water tower, so I couldn't tell whether it hit the building or not. But it was very visible, that a plane had come in at a low altitude and appeared to crash into the World Trade Center.

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