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Thread: 9-year-old killed in US shooting was born on 9/11

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    9-year-old killed in US shooting was born on 9/11

    Jan 10, 2011

    TUCSON, Arizona — Christina-Taylor Green, the nine-year-old who was killed Saturday along with five other people at an Arizona political event, was drawn to politics from the awareness she was born on September 11, 2001, her parents have said.

    “She was born back east, and September 11 affected everyone there, and Christina-Taylor was always very aware of it. She was very patriotic and wearing red, white and blue was really special to her,” Roxanne Green told the Arizona Daily Star.

    “She was born on 9/11, the day the towers came down in New York City,” her father John Green told Fox News on Sunday.

    The dark-haired, brown-eyed third-grader was one of 50 babies born on that date featured in a book called “Faces of Hope.”

    Full article here


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    Re: 9-year-old killed in US shooting was born on 9/11

    Wow, that is truly a sad thing to hear, Nice job sharing though. Why do people do the things that they do like this? It makes no sense and is only bad for them when they are caught.

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    Re: 9-year-old killed in US shooting was born on 9/11

    Hello guy, very sad news you share here, but now what gonna we do now because every one has to go, and that's really amazing that she was born on 9/11.....

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