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Thread: The Failure of 9/11

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    The Failure of 9/11

    Has anyone stopped to think how little the terrorists met their goals on 9/11? Instead of the hundreds of thousands of people they hoped to kill, they killed a total of 3,000.

    Many did not board those airplanes.
    Many did not come to work at the Twin Towers that day.
    Many had not yet arrived at work that morning.
    Many left the building safely before the buildings collapsed.
    A few even survived the collapse of the tower.
    The towers, when they did collapse, fell straight down - they did not topple over, crushing nearby buildings and neighborhoods.
    Instead of driving Americans apart, they brought us all together.

    In terms of what the terrorists hoped to, and could have, accomplished, they actually did very little.

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    Re: The Failure of 9/11

    I disagree. Though they didn't manage to kill many, look at the state of the air industry today. To fly, one must submit to a scan that renders them naked, to be inspected by a TSA officer-or else must be groped. I'll not fly under those conditions-no way will I be inspected-naked-for the sake of a misguided security principle that has been shown to be ineffective.

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