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Thread: Relatives of 9/11 victims ask appeals court to move Ground Zero debris from landfill

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    9/11 families argue in court to remove ashes of loved ones from NYC garbage dump

    Associated Press
    December 16, 2009

    NEW YORK (AP); A lawyer has asked a federal appeals court to let families of victims of the World Trade Center attacks remove ashes of their loved ones from a garbage dump.

    Attorney Norman Siegel told the three-judge panel in Manhattan on Wednesday that 17 families he represents want fine particles of debris containing remains to be taken from a dump on Staten Island to a more respectful place.

    City lawyer Jim Tyrrell referred to the debris as "undifferentiated dirt" and urged the court to toss out a lawsuit brought by the families.


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    Relatives of 9/11 victims ask appeals court to move Ground Zero debris from landfill

    NY Daily News
    December 16, 2009

    Relatives of 9/11 victims asked an appeals court Wednesday to force the city to move tons of Ground Zero debris from the Staten Island landfill to a proper burial site.

    The families contend the debris includes remains of loved ones, while the city says there is nothing identifiable there – and it would cost too much to move it away from household trash.

    “There is no reason for all eternity that my son has to be in the garbage,” said Diane Horning, whose 26-year-old son, Matthew, was killed at the World Trade Center.



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