Newsroom Blows It: Bin Laden Story Humiliates America

HBO’s Hour of Whining and Fiction Fails to Convince, Seals Murdered, Bin Laden Dead in 2001

He did it

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Meet the Axis of Evil That Eleven Years of Hard Work Has Led Us to

Tonite, the HBO series Newsroom did a whining and utterly fictional story about the death of Osama bin Laden. For those of us of the intelligence community, bin Laden was a top CIA asset who died of kidney disease in 2001 after having consistently denied involvement in 9/11.

He said the US government and the Israelis did it.

Years of investigation has proven this beyond any doubt with thousands of pages of testimony, engineering studies and years of many of us tracking down the real killers.

Here is one of the worst moments of fictional TV journalism:

Our deepest sorrow and condolences go out to the US Navy personnel and any others who gave their lives to stage this political farce.

These include those who died in the crash at Abbottabad or were killed later in what was described as the least credible helicopter crash in history, 38 SEALS in a National Guard chopper than could barely hold 12.

We aren’t all idiots.