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6 Outstanding Doctors

Linus Pauling(passed away)
Joanna Budwig
(passed away)
Dr Richard Schulze (currently practicing)
Dr David Brownstein
(currently practicing)
Dr Mark Sircus
(currently practicing)
Dr Mercola.
(currently practicing)

Together, these doctors have covered nearly every aspect of health. Cancer, heart disease, fatigue, thyroid problems, and an A-Z of other ailments.

Linus Pauling

Twice Nobel prize winner. Specialized in nutritional cures for heart disease. Discovered link between low vitamin C levels (scurvy) and arterial disease. - Reversing Heart Disease w/o Drugs is Possible

Joanna Budwing

Doctorate in Physics and Chemistry. Worked out a simple protocol (flax seed and cottage cheese) to cure cancer and other diseases.

The Budwig Diet - Flax seed Oil And Cottage Cheese Quark Diet

Dr Richard Schulze

Specializes in herbs and healthy living. Uses cold showers, cayenne, Chinese herbs and vigorous exercise to cure nearly any disease.

Dr. Richard Schulze BLOG

Dr Mark Sircus

Specializes in Magnesium oil, Vitamin D, Iodine and Chinese medicine. Deep knowledge of high level nutrition.

Dr. Sircus | International Medical Veritas Association

Dr David Brownstein

Iodine expert. Helped awaken the world to the Iodine deficiency modern super plague.

Dr. David Brownstein is Board-Certified and a practitioner of holistic medicine.

Dr Mercola

Huge archive of extraordinarily well researched articles on every aspect of health. Radical, common sense ideas backed up by rigorous research and footnotes.