Hundreds of British Workers Faced Vaccines and government to their fate

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hundreds of workers from the public sector claim that their life is destroyed by vaccines and that their government has left to their fate.

Nearly 200 doctors, nurses, firefighters, prison officers, police, legal scholars and garbage men say they have serious physical and mental health problems developed after vaccinations were essential to their work. All have abandoned their jobs and some are now 60 percent disabled.

This week was probably not aware that they will be eligible for compensation, and this caused more furore among campaigners. More than 150 delegates have supported for a better deal for victims.

Olivia Price, of the Support Group for vaccine victims, said: "These people have given their lives in service to others and so be sure to be returned. They have lost their careers and are a burden on their families. It is very degrading. "

Health professionals on the frontline, social workers, prison officers and men refuse to be vaccinated against hepatitis B as a condition of employment. This should protect them against potentially fatal conditions such as contaminated blood through needle injuries or physical attacks.

Although they are not legally forced to take vaccinations, without them they are not allowed to work. (A subtle form of coercion, which also used fingerprints to passports - not because you can not travel more. Red.)

Experts believe that the vaccinations have caused health problems, including chronic fatigue, muscle pain, weakness and cognitive problems, because the disease developed rapidly after vaccination. In one case, Steve Robinson, a previously fit 43 year old father of three, was six years ago vaccinated against hepatitis A, B and polio, tetanus and diphtheria as part of his work as a court specialist.

Two days later he became ill and developed muscle weakness and chronic fatigue. Robinson, from Morpeth, Northumberland, is now 60 percent disabled - the industrial injuries tribunal attributed this to the vaccinations.

He was also diagnosed with macrophagic myofascitis, a debilitating condition that the aluminum in vaccines may cause. He also suffers from problems without warning him of the body drop. He said: "Before I got the vaccinations I was very healthy, smooth mountain biker and enjoyed running and to keep myself fit. Now I have a very poor mobility and walking with sticks, I am constantly tired. "

In more than 10 of the 200 cases, government officials have already decided on the likelihood that vaccines have caused injury.

Campaigners say that these victims should be entitled to damages to £ 120,000 by the vaccine damage payment from the government, like other people who have experienced side effects, but the hepatitis B vaccine has been excluded so that they get nothing.

Payouts are limited to the industrial injuries scheme but this is a long and difficult process and, according to campaigners results in "worthless" list. So far, fewer than 10 victims have successfully claimed the money. Ian Stewart, MP of Labor has filed a motion and by more than 150 Representatives of all political parties supported.

He said: "These victims are completely innocent. Their lives and those of their families, is sadly reduced without their fault. The difficult truth is that what we in the UK are not suitable for this purpose. "

A spokesman for the payment, said: "Adults who suffer adverse reactions because of vaccines required for their jobs, can claim compensation through Industrial Injury or private schemes through their employment."

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