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Thread: It Has Begun; Mayan Elders Say: "Prepare!"

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    It Has Begun; Mayan Elders Say: "Prepare!"

    It Has Begun; Mayan Elders Say Prepare
    By Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media
    Jan 11, 2010

    First, let us go over what will NOT happen.
    1) The world will not end; life goes on - but the rules have changed.
    2) The date December 21st 2010 will be no different than December 19th or 22nd. This is to say the shift that is occurring has already begun, and reflects that of a 'bell curve' than a 'point'.
    3) We are not being punished for our failure to live in peace; we are being re-directed to help in our maturation process.
    4) We are not powerless in our destiny; we do and will have a choice.
    5) The journey to enlightenment (or higher self), does not come on a fluffy cloud; for many of us it will a variable level of discomfort. The goal is to bring us back to our true selves.

    Note: Both Carlos and I have come down with flu-like symptoms. Coincidence? - Who is to say? I can tell you this, I am quit sure the intensity and maintenance of integrity must surely have something to do with it.

    As a result of great fatigue, I will have to make this a two part article. What I will tell you for now, is that many of the issues we have spoken of before are now here. I will attempt to give you a very brief overview of some items. The escalation of earthquakes, tSunamis, and volcanoes are here. This is to say areas such as the New Madrid fault, the Cascadia Subduction Zone, the Puerto Rico Subduction Zone, Cascadia Volcanic Range, and yes - Yellowstone are now 'in play'.

    I will post two recent articles which emphasis the ever increasing marriage between 'ancient text', and 'modern science'. This is absolutely necessary to present the credibility needed to separate from the fanatical woo-woo's and Hollywood. Play-time is over - reality is here and not to be feared, but to be acutely aware of our surroundings and more importantly, who we truly are, and where we wish to go. Not geographically, but reflectively. The question we should now very seriously ask ourselves is: "Is our behavior, beliefs and actions - taking us towards our personal goals, or are they harmful and self-defeating?"

    There is no one answer for any specific race, gender, religion, creed, tribe - it is an individual quest for ones' personal truth.

    Cascadia Subduction Zone Quakes - http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquak...240_45_eqs.php

    Puerto Rico Subduction Zone Quakes - http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquak...290_20_eqs.php

    No; this is not a time to panic and run down the street with our hair on fire. However, it is a time to give significant contemplation of who we are, who we wish to surround ourselves with, am I comforted in quest of fulfilling what I believe my journey to be?

    - Now back to the science:

    Sun May Soon Send Magnetic Storms Toward Earth
    Solar eruptions can send billions of tons of magnetically charged particles into space at high speed. If those particle clouds, called plasma, collide with the Earth's magnetic field, they can create dramatic effects ranging from a beautiful aurora borealis to a devastating electrical blackout. The Sun's volatile magnetic fields can become so severely twisted that they snap and then reconnect, producing a flash called a solar flare and a plasma eruption. If the plasma's magnetic field collides with the Earth's own magnetic field, they connect with another powerful snap.

    Solar plasma (charged particles) physically compresses the Earth's magnetic field so much that it's smaller than the orbit of some satellites and celestial orbs. Without the magnetic field to orient the upper atmosphere, certain animals, birds, and weather patterns, extreme weather phenomena and radiation would occur. One example is United Airlines diverted 26 flights from their normal polar routes in January 2005 during Cycle 23's second sever round during the 'apex' (top of bell curve) to avoid harmful solar storms.

    FULL ARTICLE: http://earthchangesmedia.com/secure/...9162527273.php

    Correlations Between Charged Particles, Earthquakes, and the Earth's Core
    Recent scientific research confirms a connection between high energy charged particles and earthquakes. Results suggest the importance of coordinated and simultaneous ground-based and space-based investigations specifically dedicated to charged particles and the Earth's core is warranted. NASA has teamed up with ESA (European Space Agency) to investigate a possible space-based early warning system.

    One study looked at over 100 earthquakes with magnitudes of 5.0 or larger in Taiwan over several decades. The researchers found that almost all of the earthquakes down to a depth of about 35km were preceded by distinct electrical disturbances in the ionosphere. A new model uses satellite data from the past nine years to show how sudden fluid motions within the Earth's core can alter the magnetic envelope around our planet. This represents the first time that researchers have been able to detect such rapid magnetic field changes taking place over just a few months.

    FULL ARTICLE: http://earthchangesmedia.com/secure/...9162527278.php

    NASA Says "Quiet Sun Cause of Current Cooling Trend in Climate Change"
    New measurements from a NASA satellite show a dramatic cooling in the upper atmosphere that correlates with the declining phase of the current solar cycle. For the first time, researchers can show a timely link between the Sun and the climate of Earth's thermosphere, the region above 100 km, an essential step in making accurate predictions of climate change in the high atmosphere.

    The NASA Thermosphere-Ionosphere-Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics (TIMED) mission was developed to explore the Earth's atmosphere above 60 km altitude and was launched in December 2001. The TIMED data provide a climate record for validation of upper atmosphere climate models, which is an essential step in making accurate predictions of climate change in the high atmosphere. SABER provides the first long-term measurements of natural variability in key terms of the upper atmosphere climate.

    FULL ARTICLE: http://earthchangesmedia.com/secure/...9162527274.php

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    Re: It Has Begun; Mayan Elders Say: "Prepare!"

    Biggest discovery in 13 centuries ,
    Susan Lynne "Serafina" SCHWENGER aka Seraf'ina
    discovers mayan end time of 12th, start of 13th grand cycle 17 DEC 2013

    Elders of Thuban - Forum Categories

    Susan's discovery relates to a greater Mayan calendar synchronized to Tzolkin of 260 day counts
    and the Calendar Round of the Haab of 365 days synchronized to the Tzolkin.

    These are the lowest number of days, which factor both 260 and 365
    and this is the number 18,980 or just under 52 Gregorian (Civil) years
    and exactly 52 Haab or Mayan years.

    These 52 years so began 52=13x4 Haab before December 16th, 2013
    or precisely 73 Tzolkins before December 16th, 2013; which is a 13 Ahau date as

    The significance so becomes the matching of two 13 Ahau Dates
    in the following details of subtracting 52 Haab, that is a Full Calendar Round of 18,980 Kin
    from the alignment with the 45 Full Moons and the 44 New Moons of the 1300 Kin
    discovered by Serafina from May 27th, 2010 to December 17th, 2013
    (both Full Moons in Scorpio and Gemini respectively as 1301 Kin/Days).

    18,980 Kin/Days=52 Haab=14,400+4580=2x7200+229x20=2x7200+12x360+1 Tzolkin=2 Katun+12 Tun+1 Tzolkin 52 Haab=18,980 Kin=2 Katun + 13 Tun - 100 Kin=2 Katun + 12 Tun - 1 Tzolkin (260 days) - - 260 = - + 100 = - + =(13-1).(19-2).(19+1-12).0.0 + = = December 29th, 1961=13 Ahau 18 Mac

    The Calibration for All possible Calendars so assumes the form of adding
    a Cosmic Calendar Round in 360 Degrees to the Birthday date of = December 21st, 2012
    As this date then completes the final Haab in the final Long Count of the last of 13 Baktuns
    and the 65th of the 'precessional' baktun/kin count;
    the Mayan End date indeed signifies the 'End of Time' as previously known.

    All calendars, including the native-indigenous ones
    and the time-click-event duration mechanical ones
    (Scientific from Gregorian-Civil and Julian from solar-lunar season time keepings)
    become reset in the Circularization of Linear 'ticking clocks' of any kind, metaphysical, calculative-mechanical or phenomenal.

    This process then is calibrated to define NOW-Time as the Instanton of Creation
    and the birth of spacetimed and metric cosmologies via the wormhole parameter
    embodied in the logistical statement E*e*=1 for wormhole frequency f*=3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Hertz* or
    (inverted cosmic seconds - independent from any measurement system).

    September 18th, 1618 = = 5 Ahau 13 Zotz

    November 1st, 1953 = = 10 Ahau 18 Yax

    September 20th, 1961 = = 4 Ahau 18 Mol

    October 10th, 1961 = = 11 Ahau 18 Chuen

    October 30th, 1961 = = 5 Ahau 18 Yax

    November 19th, 1961 = = 12 Ahau 18 Zac

    December 9th, 1961 = = 6 Ahau 18 Mac

    December 29th, 1961 = = 13 Ahau 18 Mac

    July 19th, 1973 = = 8 Ahau 18 Cec

    April 5th, 1993 = = 6 Ahau 3 Vayeb

    December 21st, 2012 = = 4 Ahau 3 Kankin

    December 16th, 2013 = = 13 Ahau 18 Mac

    The transformation of a type of cosmic civilisation like that of the 'old humanity' residing
    on planet earth into a evolved cosmic civilisation,
    say a 'new humanity' inhabiting a terraformed planet earth requires
    a period of transitional evolutionary adaptation.

    This can be compared to the metamorphosis of the butterfly genus/family;
    order lepidoptera; class insecta; phylum arthropoda; kingdom animalia
    from the four stages of embryo-larvae-pupa-imago
    from the caterpillar-larvae stage into the butterfly-imago stage
    via the transit stage of the pupa-chrysalis ergo the cocoonisation of the caterpillar insectoid.
    In the form of the genus homo, the subspecies homo sapiens sapiens
    can be modelled to have entered the embryonic stage with the advent of Cro Magnon Man
    so 26,000 (civil) years ago.

    Using 400 year intervals of 146,097 days under utility of a a certain calendrical counting of time ;
    the embryonic conception can be 'dated' to an extrapolated calendrical date
    of Saturday, 21February 23,615BC-G
    and precisely 9,360,008 days
    (and a precessional daycount as 25,626.83149 Gregorian years)
    from Friday,21December2012AD in a weekcount of 1,337,144.

    The Julian daycount began on January 1st 4713 BC-Julian
    and the Gregorian daycount of 365.2425 days per year commenced on October 5th, 1582,
    replacing the Julian year of 365.25 days. A Mean Tropical Year has 365.24219 days
    and where a mean solar day has precisely 24x3600=86,400 SI seconds.

    The Tropical Year is referential to the seasons (equinoxes and solstices)
    and differs from the star-referential Sidereal Year in the day addendum 1/26000 or 1.0000385
    of so 1225 seconds (20.41 minutes) per year and which accumulate to about 368.5 mean days (and so about a year) per precessional cycle.

    Due to orbital- and rotational changes and precession a year is decreasing
    at the present astronomical configuration by about 5 milliseconds/year or
    130 seconds or so 2 minutes in
    a 26,000 precessional cycle.

    The Gregorian year of 365.2425 days differs from the tropical year of 365.24219 days
    and so the Gregorian calendar will accumulate an error of about 0.00031x26,000~8.1 days per precessional cycle.

    To account for this, a 'creation-initialisation week of 8 days' is added to the 64 cycles in 9792+8=9,800=7x1,400=7x7x200=8x52x72=2(22x52x72)=2 x702
    in the 13x5x144,000=9,360,000 (Mayan) day-kin count, which so begins on the superposed and extrapolated Gregorian Day (G)

    Day#-7=Saturday,21February 23,615BC-G and becomes mirrored in the 7th day

    Day#7=Saturday,07March23,615BC-G for the Conception of the human Embryo
    to be born from its Chrysalis 64 cycles later.

    The first cycle is initiated on Day#9,792=Friday,21December23,589BC-G
    and the last and 64th cycle is initiated on Day#9,213,903=Friday,21December1612AD-Gregorian
    and ends precisely 146,097 days or 400 Gregorian years later on Friday, 21December2012AD to commence a now precessional count in the birth of the Imago of the ancient human Embryo
    established by the beginning of the first cycle.

    The 12th Grand Cycle end time 16 DEC 2013

    The 13th Grand Cycle start time 17 DEC 2013

    In the Honour and Love of the DragonHeart Tonyblue and
    Susan Serafina Schwenger
    The eXchangerS - Susan~The eXchanger~13~MamaS~Kit'Si'NU

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    Re: It Has Begun; Mayan Elders Say: "Prepare!"

    many people, are getting sick
    and, there are solutions for that ;
    yes, get feeling better
    [6:03:28 PM] THE13THBRIDGE: open up those prayer files; and; install your 1000 watts of light
    [6:03:39 PM] THE13THBRIDGE: along with ramping your bovis; up to 12,500
    [6:03:44 PM] THE13THBRIDGE: and; your hawkins up to 1...000
    [6:03:49 PM] THE13THBRIDGE: then, you won't get sick
    [6:05:42 PM] THE13THBRIDGE: ask the higher self, essence and monad; to forge a connection with the 10th density collective oversoul/or your soul family
    [6:06:05 PM] THE13THBRIDGE: get them to energetically weave energies down thru; your central vertical channel
    [6:06:11 PM] THE13THBRIDGE: so; you get up over 500
    [6:06:18 PM] THE13THBRIDGE: if you have a cat
    [6:06:30 PM] THE13THBRIDGE: you can put a cat on your chest-and; attune to 500; with the cats purr

    note; the13thbridge = susan lynne serafina schwenger

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