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Thread: Digital Nation

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    Digital Nation

    Just finishing this latest Frontline Episode. At the same time their was a previous Frontline episode (Growing Up Online). Which I also watched as well. Both were interesting. As for me I'm torn on this because I love both worlds.
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    Re: Digital Nation

    I think it's just a crazy messed up world that we have come to rely on digital devices. Sheep that can't get along in the real world. These are the people to be afraid of if all hell breaks loose.
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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    Re: Digital Nation

    So, does that mean I should get rid of my cell phone? I guess I should stop using Facebook then, huh.
    Only he who has an open mind will be shown the truth.

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    Re: Digital Nation

    Dropping facebokk and other social networking sites is a good start. However, the cell phone issue can be a little different. First off, what kind of cell phone are you using? Is it as simple as possible with little to no features? Or is it a fully loaded iPhone or Blackberry, etc? If you have a simple phone for emergency purposes, i would suggest keeping it, however, if you've got the fully loaded one, you should think about simplifying. Back to basics. what's a phone for? Calling. if you use it for more than that, then you are lost in the "digital world" with little hope for survival.
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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    Re: Digital Nation

    i'm always on my iphone catchiing up on the latest twits from twitter, and checking in on my friends constantly on facebook. It's the best. How else can I keep tabs on everyone and know where they are and what they're doing at any given tiem of day, 24/7.

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