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Thread: 3 volcanic hot-spots erupted around the globe.

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    3 volcanic hot-spots erupted around the globe.

    January 4th Columbia: "Colombia's most active volcano has erupted, forcing the evacuation of 800 people who lived close to Mount Galeras. Officials say no one was injured after Saturday's eruption.Some of the evacuees were being tended by the Red Cross at a refuge centreThe Red Cross's national aid director said officials might need to evacuate 8,000 additional people as a precaution. He said temporary shelters and aid supplies were available. Galeras has been considered Colombia's most active volcano since coming back to life in 1989." –12 Fox News

    January 6th, SAN JOSE , Costa Rica- "On Wednesday raised an alert level to cover a wider area around the Turrialba volcano, a day after it erupted. "The alert level is rising from green to yellow," Vanessa Rosales, the head of the National Emergency Commission, told a news conference in the capital San Jose, some 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the volcano. Winds were sweeping some ash toward the capital, Rosales said, adding that "intense but low" seismic activity continued in the crater area. Evacuations would extend from a three-kilometer radius to five or six kilometers, with some 50 people already evacuated, she added. The 3,328-meter (10,918-foot) volcano erupted Tuesday, spewing ash and rocks and forcing 21 people in its vicinity to evacuate their homes. The last major eruption of the Turrialba volcano was in 1856. It has had at least five major explosive eruptions in the last 3,500 years." –Google News

    January 6, 2010 Congo Volcano erupts

    Not trying to scare anyone but I think when Yellowstone blows, despite the monitoring, it will come will little or no warning sign. My advice to everyone is get ready and stay ready. Final events will steal upon the world like a thief if we’re not wide awake and watching.

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