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Thread: Alternative History - Could the Pyramids of Egypt have been an ancient weapon?

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    Alternative History - Could the Pyramids of Egypt have been an ancient weapon?

    Joseph Farrell's book is the first of a three book series about this subject

    Giza Death Star

    Evidence of the use of weapons of mass destruction in ancient times is one of the secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The chapters of this revelatory book include: • An Archaeology of Mass Destruction • Thoth and Theories • The Machine Hypothesis • Pythagoras, Plato, Planck, and the Pyramid • The Weapon Hypothesis • Encoded Harmonics of the Planck Units in the Great Pyramid • High Frequency Direct Current Impulse Technology • The Grand Gallery and its Crystals • Gravito-acoustic Resonators • The Other Two Large Pyramids, the Causeways, and the Temples • A Phase Conjugate Howitzer [B]

    * Solar system catastrophism vs. interplanetary war

    * The destruction of Krypton

    * An ancient Babylonian text and a planet-busting scalar weapon

    * The connection between Mars, the Flood, Secret Societies, and Giza

    * The tentative identity of the Sphinx

    * Why the Sphinx is in what was, in truth, a very ancient military compound

    * Why the Sphinx is known as the Father of Terrors

    * The loss, and possible survival, of the ancient objects of power

    * The connection between the advanced physics behind the Great Pyramid and Egyptian magic

    * A profound mathematical metaphor in ancient Hermetic and Neoplatonic texts with ties to Egypt

    * The exciting pyramid power research of Flanagan, Parr, and the Russians

    * A topological metaphor of creation in ancient Hermetic and Neoplatonic texts

    Giza Death Star Blog

    Farrell theorized that the Great Pyramid was a terrible weapon of mass destruction, used by by a technological advanced ancient civilization in the mist of pre-history and sets today on the Giza Plateau disarmed but ready!
    Farrell's technical civilization is the 'doner' civilization that provided the foundation of the Egyptian civilization that existed in the Nile Valley some 5,000 years ago.

    What kind of civilization would have designed and built such an awsome weapon of mass destruction as envisioned by Farrell, and apparently used it with no hesitation against their fellow man? A civilization not unlike those that arose from the foundations and ashes of older extinct civilizations. A civilization subject to all the faults and foibles of human beings, hatred, love jealously and greed. No different than those in existance today and poised to destroy the world.

    Farrell speculates, the "Great Pyramid was a phase congugate mirror(magic mirror of legends),and howitzer, utilizing Bohm's 'pilot wave' as a carrier to acelerate electromagnetic and acoustal waves to a target via harmonic interfermetry." Ferrell believes that the chambers and passageways of the Great Pyramid were used as a series of loops to generate and amplyfy these gravito-acoustical waves and direct them to their target.

    Farrell finds traces of this ancient science he calls "Paleophysics" in the ancient and obsecure texts of Egypt.

    If Ferrell's asumptions are correct, this ancient weapons system was the most powerful weapon ever to exist on Earth. Even today, with our advanced technology, the technology involved in the building of this weapon system can only exist in dreams. This is the grist for the mills of science fiction that dream of the theories of Nikola Tessla, The Montouk Project, the Philadelphia Experiment, and Area 51. These are the technologies our government is allways accused of developing in secret labortories and witholding from the public.

    After reading the "Giza Death Star", readers will never be able to look at the Giza Plateau and its mysterious prymids and buildings in the same old way!

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    Re: Alternative History - Could the Pyramids of Egypt have been an ancient weapon?

    first video of 25

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