Binaural Beats, The Sacred Solfeggio, and The Algorithms of Organic Life Systems

encourage everyone to make a commitment to spend one full day without any electronics on them or nearby. Leave your house, turn off your cell phones, leave your wristwatches at home, and take a walk in a park with your shoes and socks off. Allow yourself to experience pure sound. Take a deep breath and listen...

The TRUE Shape of Sound (It's a Spherical Hologram!):

Cymatic glyphs generated by Flutes, Human Voice, Didgeridoo, and Cello:

Dolphins playing with rings of bubble-light in water:

Redice Creations Special on Solfeggio Frequencies:

Brain entrainment + E.T. = Brain Entertainment:

Stanford University Thesis on Binaural Sound and Brain Entrainment:

Free Isochronous Tones for your Healing: - Isochronic Tones

Dr Masaru Emoto Water Research:

Dorothy Retallack's Sound of Music and Plants:

Audio Illusions - Holophonic Sound (Free Sound Examples):