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Thread: Prescription Formula

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    Prescription Formula

    Should it be available by prescription only or keep it the way it has been ever since it came available to the masses? Basically, I what I mean is when breastfeeding didn't work, and a mom has tried everything in order to be successful at it, or had a medical or other reason for being unable to breastfeed?

    I'm all for prescription formula because then the breastfeeding rates will go up and formula rates will go down.

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    Re: Prescription Formula

    Interesting debate....I can see both sides though. On one hand, it would definitely promote breast feeding, and also may lower the price of formula with a prescription plan. Formula is just downright expensive and it goes fast. On the other hand, there are many women out there that have too many medical problems, and cannot breast freed whether it be they are not producing enough milk to an array of other other problems. What happens if a lady has been breastfeeding then suddenly can't, and her baby is screaming at 3 a.m., and she has no way of running to the store to get formula because she has no prescription for it?

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    Re: Prescription Formula

    What the Heck..!!!
    Why would anyone want to make formula available by prescription? You can't force women to breast feed by making formula harder to get. I think once the drug companies get ahold of it the price would also go up. Another thing, is all the people on food stamps now use them to buy formula, if you make it a prescription, then they would be paid for with the medicaid, which is having a hard enough time keeping up with paying for the seniors and welfare patients now. In my opinion That's just a bad idea...

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    Re: Prescription Formula

    Right, I didn't think about the ladies that are on WIC. How would that work?? And is the sole reason for wanting to make formula prescription-based to promote breast feeding?

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